Wildlife of Peru

Learn about the diverse types of creatures in Peru!

What kind of wildlife does Peru have?

Peru has enormous amounts of wildlife. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish; you name it! Peru has almost all types of wildlife. From the Amazon Rainforest to the Andes Mountains, Peru has unique and amazing creatures!


predatory mammals

First up are the predatory mammals. Peru's largest Native mammal is the jaguar. They can grow up to 6 ft. long, weigh 350 pounds, and are amazing hunters! Its only natural predator is the anaconda. Another predatory mammal in Peru is the Pampas cat. They are sort of chubby, and don't hunt near as big of prey as the jaguar. They're about as small as a house cat. Lastly, the vampire bat. It needs a meal of blood every one or two days. Most have rabies and are an extreme danger in Peru; especially when they are traveling in a swarm!

non-predatory animals

Next are non-predatory animals. One mammal is the llama. They are of close relation to the camel. llamas have been domesticated by the people of the Andes mountains and are used in many ways. Another non predatory mammal is the Giant River Otter. On average, they're 210 pounds! They travel in groups and are rarely found alone. Last but certainly not least, the Grey Brocket Deer! They're nocturnal animals and they are very solitary. The deer travel in groups of 3 or 4 rarely, and feed on fruit, bark, plant roots, and flowers.

creepy crawlies


There are a number of reptiles in Peru. A huge reptile in Peru is the Black Caiman. They live in fresh water habitats. They can grow to about 4 meters long and, obviously, they are black. Another reptile is the spotted dwarf gecko. It is very small and has black and white spots. They are also very rare. Finally, the white lipped mud turtle. They are commonly used as pets and are just one small species of many mud turtles.


Just as reptiles, there are many amphibians in Peru. Many frogs inhabit Peru's tropical areas, and one is the Silverstone poison frog.This orange amphibian is VERY poisonous frog, and is sadly threatened because its habitats are being used as agriculture. Another is the axelotle, who is actually an amphibian despite its nickname, the walking fish. Lastly, the salamander. Tons of species of salamanders are found in Peru.

fliers and swimmers


The toucan is a larger bird. The toucan doesn't fly much, which is surprising because of how much time they spend high up in the trees. The red headed barbet is much smaller and feeds on fruits. Lastly, the beautiful blue and yellow macaw, one of many macaws in Peru.

aquatic animals

There is a dolphin in Peru, but it's pink! Its lives in the amazon river and has huge flippers! They are called amazon river dolphins. Next up is a tiny but mighty (and a little terrifying) fish: the redeye piranha. They are mostly timid, but their bite WILL HARM YOU. They do not swim in large schools like its relative, the red bellied piranha. Finally, the Amazonian manatee, the smallest manatee species. Unlike most manatees, they have no nails on their back flippers.

endangered species

Sadly there are many endangered species in Peru. One is the Andean condor, a beautiful bird found in the Andes, and on the brink of extinction. The yellow tailed wooly monkey is also very endangered. Many believe there is less then 250 left. The last endangered and overall animal is the Andean mountain cat.