Origin Of Soccer

Where Did Soccer Come From

Where Did People Come With The Idea Of Soccer?

There were a lot of games in the ancient days that resembled soccer. One of the games was from ancient China and it was called Tsu'Chu. This game was very similar to soccer because it was played with a leather ball that was kicked in a net that was strung between two poles. The biggest difference between the two sports is that the goal for Tsu'Chu is 30 feet tall while a regular soccer goal is only 8 feet tall.

Other Games?

Tsu'Chu was only one of the games that resembled soccer from many different games. There were games like this all over the worldp; a few places that these games were found were South America, Ancient Greece, Rome, and also in Australia!
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When Were The Soccer Rules Created?

Soccer was played for years without actual rules for years. After a few centuries soccer was no longer banned from england and schools started making soccer teams to play each other, but depending on where you were playing the rules changed. After centuries of playing soccer without rules a man named Ebeneezer Cobb Morley called upon a lot of founders of soccer clubs to make the official rules of soccer. On the 8th of December of 1863 the official rules of soccer were created.

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