Analyzing Abstract Concepts

By: Rebecca Enlow and Ross Burris


Denotation: An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed before hand or without knowledge, thought, or reason

Connotation: a negative feeling, and a hurtful feeling

Association: unfair, unreasonable, not knowledge able, rude

What this means to me: I am prejudice about certain foods. I do not like some foods even though I have never even tried them. I always refuse to try them because I think they look weird or they do not smell all that good either.

In To Kill A Mockingbird: In chapter 1, Scout, Dill, and Jem judge Boo Radley based off of old rumors. They hear he is crazy and stabbed his dad and he has been locked up for 15 years, no one knows if this is even true but they still judge him because of the rumors. In chapter 2, you learn about the Cunningham's and people judge them because they do not have a lot of money and will pay in things they have produced. However when people are judging them for this they have not ever met or talked to the Cunninghams.

In our society: When someone comes to a school, people always judge the new girl/guy based off of looks. Although they have never talked to the new person, if they do not look just like them they make fun of them. Another example is people will base their vacation destination based off of 3 pictures. However the place that does not look as pretty might be the better place.

Big image
This picture shows a very sad gummy bear being left out because he is not yellow. People judge a book buy its cover before ever really getting to know someone. When you do not look the same as someone they leave you out and make fun of you. We chose this because it really symbols what prejudice is to some people.


Denotation: The ability to do something that frightens one

Connotation: a positive feeling, feels powerful

Association: strength, overcoming something, bravery, daring

What this means to me: Courage means to me being brave. It means you have to overcome one of your fears and do it. For example stunting in wranglers, you have to have courage to be thrown and flipped but to not fall.

In To Kill A Mockingbird: In chapter 10, when Atticus takes the gun from the Sheriff and kills the dog in one shot. He shows courage by taking charge and doing something he was scared to do. In chapter 8, when Atticus takes the job of defending the black man in a court case. Atticus did not want to take the job because he knows he will lose and everyone is making fun of him. However he still shows courage and takes the job and does his best to help this guy.

In society: People show courage everyday. For example if a 7 year old is scared of heights and then they go to PE class and have to climb the rope, they are showing they are facing their fear. Another example of showing courage is taking responsibility for your wrong doings. You decide not to blame anyone else and take the heat for doing something wrong.

Big image
This picture represents courage because is shows someone overcoming a difficult task. This shows someone jumping from one building to another. The buildings are very high which means if he fell, he could die. I chose this picture because many people are scared of heights so it can relate to lots of people.


Denotation: an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound: a duty or commitment.

Connotation: a negative feeling, someone trusting you.

Association: commitment, bond, agreement, a promise.

Means to me: Obligation means to me that I need to be trustworthy and I need to do my best. You have certain things you are obligated to, and you feel that you have a promise to uphold. When you are obligated to do something there are always a punishment if you do not follow through.

In To Kill A Mockingbird: Atticus feels he has an obligation to Tom Robinson to make sure he is not punished for a crime he did not commit. Atticus always feels like he has an obligation to the black community. He feels this way because if he wins this case then he is helping out the community and finally giving them a voice.

In society: For example, if someone obligated to babysit for their friend and never shows up to babysit they have a punishment. People who have obligations to someone, they have to follow through and make sure they do their best. Another obligation is when someone is getting beat up and a random stranger feels that they are obligated to help them out.

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This picture shows a dog owner doing their best to fill their obligation to their dog. It shows that even if there are obstacles to complete their commitment, they will always come through. An obligation is something you always have to finish even if you do not want to. No matter what you always have to follow through with your obligation to someone or something.


Denotation: lack of fairness or justice.

Connotation: negative feeling, wrong, not right.

Association: prejudice, unfairness, inequality.

Means to me: The word injustice means that something is not being far. It's showing that people are not being treated the way everyone else is being treated. Also it means that someone is making a decision based off of something that may or may not be true, and does not care.

In To Kill A Mockingbird: Injustice is shown in To Kill A Mockingbird, when Tom Robinson is on trail. No one in the court room is listening to the evidence that shows he did not do anything. They do this because he is black and they are going to blame him for this. They are not being far and they are not giving someone justice because of their skin color.

In Society: In society people always are not fair, they judge or they are rude for no real reason. People have a job to be fair and to be nice even if they do not want to be. For example, if someone is being beat up the person witnessing should go and help them and break up the fight. However people usually do not care, or they think it is funny so they just leave someone to be beat up.

Big image
This picture shows that the two sides are the same but they are weighted differently. This represents injustice because it shows that the same thing will not be showed the same but differently. Something or someone could be equal but there is always an injustice which causes them to be viewed as not equal. It also shows how two sides can receive unequal treatment for the same punishment or reward.