Jaosn's Task

The Quest of the Golden Fleece

Plot Summary

Jason's father was the rightful king of Iolcus, but he was removed from the throne by his brother (the father's brother). Jason had done a good deed for an elderly women and the goddess Hera appocached him. She told him to keep doing good deeds like he had been doing, so he followed her advice. Jason traveled back to his homeland where his brother was having a great feast. Jason's brother (Pelias) told him to do the task of getting the golden fleece, so Jason called other heros to help him on this trip. On this trip Aridis (Jason's wife) got bitten by a snake and died, but Jason was forced to keep going. He then challanged others to a boxing match, and everyone he challenged, he beat.

When the entrance of the Black Sea, it was blocked by clashing rocks. Syrus and his daughter Midia would give Jason the golden fleece because they were witches. But they would give it to him only if he took the golden fleece from the dragon, and if he would take the witch back with him and marry her. So the witch put a spell on the dragon to make it fall asleep. Jason climbed a tree to get the golden fleece off the dragon. But the spell didn't last long, because the dragon woke up and saw that the fleece was gone. Then the dragon saw the boat that Jason and the witch sailed away on. When they returned to Greece Jason had to marry the witch like he promised.

Features of Jason

Jason was genorous, courageous, and very brave. Like how he carried that old womn across the stream. He didn't worry about if he was going to accadentally drop her, or fall into the blazing waters. He also has confidence, he feels as if he is able to take on any task that is given to him. Also he will do something that lasts for a long time, and that he does not want to do, for the greater good. Jason is known for being a hero, people look up to him and ask him for help.
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