Credit cards for college students

Understand your credit card!

You always need to know the interest rate, fees, and the payment schedule of your credit card

Avoid annual percentage rate.

Be careful of credit cards with high APR. APR is the amount of interest you are charged to cary a balance on the card. This is why you should look for a credit card with no or very low APR rates.

Know what you can spend.

Set a budget so you dont overcharge on your card. Make sure you only charge things on your credit card that you know that you can afford to pay off.

Make sure you pay off your debt!

To avoid paying amazingly high interest and unnecessary fees you need to always pay your bill on time and in full. If you do not pay your loan before the grace period is over then you must start paying interest on the loan.

Don't have multiple credit cards at the same time!

College students ready for a credit card should be selective in choosing which cards to apply for, to avoid hurting their credit scores. All credit card applications show up as hard inquiries on a credit report



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