Parents Newsletter: Using modern aid help kids learn more


Laptops, phones, iPads, smart boards can all be used positively. Dear Parents, do not be afraid of these tools. Do not think they are EVIL; because they are not, if used wisely. These tools can be used to broaden the intellects of children. I believe they would be extremely excited and happy to learn once they use these gadgets.

Here we go....


A platform where interaction is at its peak, where ideas are thrown whiles remaining anonymous. Shy kids who feel intimidated and not heard can use this tool as a way of expressing themselves, this a way for them to put in their best. it can also be used for completing group work.


The iPad as an equipment has so many tools and educational apps on it. A kid owning one can download several educational apps such as: drawing, reading, writing and so many others. the fact that its an iPad will motivate the child to pick it up and study. This makes studying enjoyable.


The iMovie can be a great tool to teach kids how to communicate and relay their ideas to others. it can be a way for them to let the world know who they really. It is also a way for them to be practical and act out what has been written down. This allows children to share ideas and to work together. Everyone has a role and this trains them to be responsible.


Twitter is not all that bad, it is a great way to follow the news and be updated on what is going on. It is a great way for children to know more about politics, education and trendy issues. it is a way for them to be involved in healthy educational issues and conversations with one another.

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