Find areas of each roof to see which one will fit my house

AREA of a triangle= 1/2 x base x height

The BASE of a triangle is the side that forms a right angle with the height.

The HEIGHT is the distance from that base to its opposite point (vertex).

A base must be PERPENDICULAR to its height!

Take out your MATH JOURNAL and take notes from the video on the next page of your two page spread. You will use these notes to help you on your homework and quizzes.

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Which Roof??

I need to pick a roof that will fit onto my new house.

Use the pictures below to find the roof that will fit.

The area of the new roof plus the house needs to be 36 square feet!!

You can click the pictures below to enlarge them.

*When you find your answer, get a piece of scratch paper and turn in your answer*

Try to find your way through this maze.

When you finish, pick up your homework from my desk.
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