Johannes Kepler

The Revolutionary Astronomer

Kepler's early life

As a baby Kepler was a sickly child and was not expected to live past one ,but in a short time he became healthy and that's when they found out he had a double vision. Later in his life he found a love for astronomy and read peoples horoscopes.

Kepler's Later Life

Achievements Of Kepler

Kepler prove that the planets moved in a circle, and also at different speeds. He also got appointed to the head of the observatory that he was at. also Kepler gave us a greater understanding of the of our solar system.

Kepler's Impact

Kepler invented the three-laws of planetary motion and also expanded our knowledge of planetary gravity.

Fun Facts

-Johannes Kepler was a mathematician as well as an astronomer

-he became interested in astronomy after seeing a comet in 1527

-His first work was a book trying to help Copernicus prove the sun was the center of the universe

Three laws of planetary motion ^

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