Communication Chronicle 1-8-16


Happy New Year!

Yes, it is now the year 2016 and we are almost in our home stretch of this school year. We will be continuing to provide weekly communications in this format and have appreciated the input we have received from you. The goal of this bulletin is to keep all of us on the same page with expectations, concerns, announcements, and events. The administration is meeting weekly in order to increase communication and ensure we are sending out accurate information. We are continuing to work this process and this is one way to help us all work together!

Teacher Assistant of the Year!

We did not have the information for TA of the Year available to us in our last newsletter. But, a big round of applause for Ryan Streckenbein BCSSSD's Teacher Assistant of the Year!
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Teacher Tips!

  1. Do2Learn has thousands of pages that will help students improve on social skills, behavior and academics. The website provides many student activities, including songs, games, seasonal arts, crafts and more. There are also valuable teaching resources, including a teacher toolbox, behavior management plans, literacy tools and special education products.

  2. The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) provides news and information on special education teaching methodology. Some of the resources on this website include:

  • A list of 100 forms, tables, checklists, and procedures you can view and print to help organize and manage all the activities you need to do on a daily basis.
  • News alerts to help you stay on top of the newest research discoveries.

ScIP and DEAC Committees

The primary role of the DEAC is to oversee and guide the planning and implementation of the school district board of education's evaluation policies and procedures (for both teachers and principals), whereas the School Improvement Panel (ScIP) provides leadership at the school level not only for the implementation of the district's teacher evaluation policies and procedures, but also mentoring and professional development supports for teachers.

ScIP Committee Members: Michelle Flood, Debbie Karwoski, Janice Strug, Patty Wilkins, Bill Clark, Kelly Fletcher, Kathy Koch, Adell Valasek, Michael Graff, Al McHugh, Linda McKinney, and Barbara Will

DEAC Committee Members: Carla Brogan, Matt Dennion, Kelly Fletcher, Dr. Christopher Manno, Russell McLemore, Janice Strug, and Brandi Fishman-Parent Advisor

Please bring ideas and or areas of concern to these members to address at meetings.

Quote of the Week

" Every child deserves a champion- an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they can become the best they can possibly be." -Rita Pierson

Other Items

  1. Alternative Proficiency Assessments (APA) for Science are in the final collection period (December 7- February 13). Teachers with students taking the APA need to be collecting final pieces of evidence. Checks on evidence will occur in the middle of January. It is expected that at least the first two final pieces of evidence are completed. Thank you!
  2. There will be sub nurses in our school in and out to assist with nursing coverage.
  3. Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) Assessments- Training dates will need to be set up in the near future (end of February possible, early March) for those teachers giving the DLM.
  4. The 2016-17 School Calendar is undergoing one more revision. The currently approved calendar had 31 days in the month of April-oopsy! That will be fixed on then on the board agenda for this month in order to be re-approved.
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January Birthdays!!

  • Thomas Cook 1/5
  • Heather Craw 1/10
  • Marlane Demara 1/24
  • Robert Edelschein 1/24
  • Phyllis Edmonds 1/2
  • Janis Flanagan 1/31
  • Roni Gallo 1/3
  • Thomas Kurtz III 1/30
  • Lauren Langan 1/19
  • Laura Lecompt-Yankston 1/12
  • David Lovett 1/3
  • Rita Lyman 1/8
  • Sara Marcincak 1/14
  • Janeth Guenther 1/17
  • Jennifer Higgs 1/6
  • Deborah Jabkowski 1/18
  • Kim Jackson 1/12
  • Jonathan Miller 1/6
  • Cindy Mollica 1/13
  • Elizabeth Parker 1/31
  • Eileen Price 1/24
  • Deborah Roggio 1/9
  • Renee Shivers 1/22
  • Ryan Southerland 1/12
  • Diana Stewart 1/26
  • Megan Strittmatter 1/4
  • Suzanne Voelker 1/22
  • Katarzyna Zawadzki 1/7