The American System

Created By: Azfar Siddiqui

What's this plan about?

Proposed by Henry Clay the great American Hero
  • a strong banking system- which would provide easy and abundant credit.
  • protective tariff- behind which eastern manufacturing would flourish
  • a network of roads and canals- funded by revenues gushing from the tariff.

Why this will work and why you should support this..

-This greatly designed plan will allow us easy transportation which will promote trade domestically. Roads and canals will make it much easier to get foodstuffs and raw material form the south and West to the North and East. In return, manufactured goods could easily be shipped to the south! It's a win win situation for America! It'll make us economically and politically knitted together.
-A stronger banking system would allow getting loans and starting up farms and buying land much easier, this would help start independent businesses and promote more trade and flourishing economy in these economically tough times!
-The tariff would help us put everything together! Supporting domestic trade over foreign imports and the revenue would allow us to have a stronger infrastructure!

Our Supporters..

Henry Clay (founder)

Alexander Hamilton (proposed national bank)

John C. Calhoun

John Quincy Adams

Advanced by the Democratic-Republican Party


The southern states