Sccrowd chats have moved to #scchat

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You can now check out #scchat for International School Counsellor Chats

A new time for SCCrowd this year

We are moving to Wednesdays . #SCCrowd will be held on the second Wednesday for the rest of the School year at 6:30 pm Mountain time 8:30 pm Eastern Time . The first chat September 16th 2015 6:30MT mark your calendars. 2nd chat October 14th Connected Educator Month topic Connections and Collaboration How does being connected make a difference for you and your students? #CE13

Want to moderate a chat ?

Please let @sspellmancann know

The Third Wednesday of Every Month we have a twitterchat

Please join us in the crowd. You can post all day long from anywhere in the world or join us in our chat the third Wednesday of every month . We would love to see more School Counsellors from around the world join us in #SCCrowd. Even if you don't join us in the chat please post a question , a topic you'd like discussed or share a resource in #sccrowd and we will engage or bring it into a chat. YOU MATTER School Counsellors from across the world. We want to hear your voice. Please share your twitter handle and tell us where you are from we would love to keep a running list!

6:30 MT Mountain Time

8:30 ET Eastern Time

Here are 5 ways #SCCrowd works:

  1. Post a question anytime of day or night to #sccrowd especially on the day of our chats
  2. Answer others questions anytime if you can
  3. Join our chat the third Wednesday of the month
  4. Post any idea related to School Counselling anytime
  5. Share an idea or resource . You are ALWAYS WELCOME to post to #SCCrowd

Here are details on how it works ...

Visit the #SCCrowd website ...

SCCrowd had a ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY tweetchat on October 28th 2014