Pay scale

In 2015 the median pay: $24,360 per year

California pay scale:

Average Annual Wage: $118,210

Entry Annual Wage: $64,430

Average Hourly Wage: $56.83

Entry Hourly Wage: $30.98

Median Hourly Wage: $49.35


Start early by taking agriculture and animal science pathways. You must have a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and a state license to be a veterinarian. You will also need a bachelor’s degree. The minimum of most vet colleges is 2 years for pre- veterinary study at a normal university. You will need to have good grades and have experience with some type of animal you are also required to pass a interview or an examination. Once you're admitted your four years of veterinary college can begin.

The way you can move up into this field is by having the most experience and education you can get. Don’t go on the average education because the more education you have the more higher chance you have on the field.


The rewards imbedded from into this field is you could have saved a life or made a life better. It didn’t have to be a humans life but knowing you helped out a living creature out can feel good. You only didn’t help the animal’s life but helped a human client with their pets issue.