Mexican travel to Minnesota

Why they come and what do they for their family or them self

Push and pull factors

Push-the Mexican cartel is a problem in Mexico with other crime. Jobs are very scarce in Mexico, and also lots of child labor is 1,105,617. Also lots of drugs, potential production of 50metric tons of pure herion!

Pull-to feed their families, keeping families safe, it is too much money to go to the U.S.

Ravensteins laws

Most migrants travel only short distances, most migrant go form rural to urban, when someone leaves someone comes.

Most migration occur in steps is not a law that would be not one.

Migration in different ways

Migration is traveled in man ways they can cross the border illegally, do the naturalization process or not getting there

Locations and jobs.

Most mexican migrants live in big cities like St. Paul area. They do construction jobs and part time jobs maybe pipeline. Over 150,000meican migrants work legal in temporally jobs.


A lot of Americans with part time jobs can't pay bills or having troubles paying them.also an issue that almost every job you have to have a college degree, it's hard to get a well paying job.


-www.migrationpolicyinsitute, Aaron terrazas, February 22,2010, Jeff Tyler, February 15, 2012

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Migration map

They live in large cities, it may be easier to find jobs.