4.9 Acidification & two gases lab


Acid Rain Notes:

Gasses dissolve in our atmosphere:

Co2; Sulfuric Acid; & Hydrogen Chloride --> create an acid solution

Carbonic acid dissolves Co2 (happens naturally)(Co2 always falls when rain falls)

Sulfur dioxide is "Acid rain" (acid rain kills and pollutes water[river; lake; pond; stream])

Sulfur dioxide comes from: Volcanoes, industrial pollution, & geysers


Limestone is soft, porous, and holds in water (soluble).

Florida has aquifer underground

BQ pg. 91

32. Denver has the hardest water (at the base of the rocky mountains)

33. [2.5x10 negative 3/ 100cm3 = m/ 2000][ 0.0025/100cm3 =m/2000]

(m=0.05/day) (m=18.25 years)

34. This would be a problem because a large portion of drinking water has acid, and if there were laws passed that forbade acid from being in drinking water, many people would die because of lack of water.

35. Desert was once an ocean. There was no rain to was away/ dissolve solids at surface

Hard Water

(Hard water faucets are sold)

More minerals in mountain areas because snow and rain build up in winter and spring months, and then that water comes down the mountain, into lakes, rivers, and streams, where that water is then distributed out to local people. The minerals that remain in the water the whole time cause water to be hard water.

Sinkhole notes

Florida sinkholes occur because:

Limestone is frequent across Florida

Water underground is in caves and fresh (aquifers)

Florida was once an Ocean, which makes the ground soft

There are Calcium deposits (dead animals)