Orinoco Crocidile

By: Luke Brunette

Orinoco Crocodile

I chose to research the Orinoco crocodile because I find alligators and crocodiles interesting.


The Orinoco crocodile looks a lot like the American alligator. It has 6 armored plates on its neck to protect against predators.

Crocodylus intermedius


The Orinoco Crocidile lives in the Orinoco river valley in Venuezuela. The river valley is like a big lagoon that the crocodile stalks its prey.


Some of the adaptations he Orinoco crocodile has is six armored plates on its back that protect its neck. It also has an elongated nose that allows the crocodile to be mostly submerged but still breath.
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The niche of the Orinoco crocodile is a carnivore that will eat just about anything. The Orinoco crocodile is an opputunisitc hunter which means it will eat anything it can get its mouth on. Such as small crabs, fish, and even some of the bigger animals like capybara.

Distant relatives

Some of the distant relatives are the Saltwater crocodile, and the American alligator. Scientist can tell because of the bone structure, and their appearence