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National Day of Testing- October 10, 2018

Next Wednesday, October 10th is National Day of Testing and will be an early release day. Each grade level will be participating in different activities. All students will be released for lunch at 12:30 and school dismissal is at 1:10.

Freshmen will be participating in various activities and will be located in the Performing Arts Wing. These activities will include:

· the math portion of a locally scored ACT practice test

· Top 20 Activities

· Presentation by Tom Cody, Top 20

· Xello – an online program designed to assist

with discovering his/her strengths and taking that knowledge to see Post

Secondary options available.


ALL sophomores will be taking the PSAT (paid by the district) on the 1st floor.

Students will be testing with their Seminar teacher. They will be given their testing

Room location and these locations will also be posted around the building.


Juniors who signed up for the PSAT/NMSQT will test in the Learning Commons.

Juniors who did NOT sign up for the PSAT will take the locally scored practice ACT on the

2nd floor with their Seminar teacher. Students will be notified, by their seminar

teacher, of their testing room location. Room locations will be posted on the 2nd



Seniors who have turned in their Senior Exploration form to their senior ELA teachers

participate in their chosen activity OFF campus.

Any seniors who did NOT turn in their form and attend North, will participate in the

Freshmen activities.

RSchool Calendar

Where can the calendar be accessed? - We will always have a link on our main mage, to access the calendar. - If you would like to bookmark the calendar, this is the main page link.

Download the App

  • From the App Store or Google Play download the free app ‘RSchool Today’
  • Create an account
  • Sign up for Notifications- If you would like to receive notifications of changes in events, sign up through ‘Notify Me’ . You can select the type of notifications you would like to receive, via text and/or email.

Navigating through the calendar

  1. There are two ways to view the calendar: Weekly view and Month view. The weekly view is more user friendly than the month view.
  2. Ability to search- If you are looking for a specific event you can enter it into the search bar, and it will locate this in the entire calendar. You can also choose a date on the calendar and view events.
  3. View by Type- All events in the calendar are listed into three categories: Academic, Activities and Athletics. You can also ‘view all’ which is the default.
  4. View by Schedule- If you have a certain activity that you would like to view, you can select this from the list and then ‘view’. It will open a new tab that shows all events under that activity.

If you are interested in learning more about our new calendar, please watch the Screencast below.


Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! Here are a few reminders for new and returning students/parents.

· If the student is more than 10 minutes late from the start of school the student must sign in at the Attendance Office and obtain a pass to class. The first 10 minutes you are considered tardy. After 10 minutes you will be marked absent.

· Parents if your student is ill, needs to leave early for an appointment, etc., you may leave a message on our hotline 24/7 at 913-993-6945. Please leave the students name, grade, reason, your name, your phone number and time to be released if applicable. We pick up calls frequently and ask you call at least 30 minutes prior to you picking up your student.

· Parents are not required to sign their students out in the Attendance Office. The student will sign themselves out and exit the front doors.

· If a student will be gone 3 or more days- they need to come to the Attendance Office prior to the absence and obtain a “Parents Formal Written Request for Extended Absence for More than Two Days” This form will need to completed/signed and returned to your students Associate Principal for approval.

· Shawnee Mission North follows the district attendance policy. We will mail to your home a letter making you aware that your student has missed 7 times in one or more class periods. Once your student has obtained 10 absences in one or more classes- documentation will be required to excuse the absence.

Should you have any question you may call our office.

Mindy O’Connell

Attendance Clerk


Update regarding MVP

The Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) strongly encourages volunteer support for students and schools. It is equally committed to the safety of students and volunteers. To support the goal of safety, the district has instituted a policy requiring background records checks for all volunteers.

In order to make the process more efficient and effective, on September 24, 2018, the Shawnee Mission Board of Education (BOE) approved the use of Validity Screening Solutions to provide background screenings for MVP volunteers. This new background screening process will take the place of the current fingerprinting requirement for MVP volunteers. Instead of coming to the Center for Academic Achievement, MVP volunteers will go on-line to and enter the required information.

There are now two steps required to complete the MVP process:

  1. Attend an in-person training
    1. Visit for available sessions.
    2. Note: Tuesday morning sessions at CAA require a reservation—seating is limited. Email for more information.
  2. Visit Validity Screening to complete the online, background screening process.
    1. If you have already completed the required training, visit this link to complete the process.

In most cases, applicants will be approved and ready to serve as a MVP volunteer within 48 hours.

SMSD apologizes for the inconvenience the fingerprinting process and long wait times have created. We believe Validity will provide greater convenience in less time, while still maintaining the safety our stakeholders, students and staff members expect and deserve. Your commitment to your student’s education and to the district as a whole is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

North Area Parent Information Nights

In an effort to raise awareness of pressing issues that we are facing in our community, give parents/guardians access to knowledge and resources, as well as bring community agencies to the parents/guardians, East Antioch has organized North Area Parent Information Nights. Each quarter there will be a different topic and speaker arranged.

SPEAK UP ( a local non-profit united in breaking the silence and reducing stigma surrounding all mental illness and suicide. They will be presenting on Thursday, November 29th at 6:30pm at Hocker Grove Middle School.

Kansas Assisters Network

Health Insurance Open Enrollment: November 1st- December 15. Click on the below PDF's for additional information.

Jon Durham, IB Coordinator

For further information on the IB program, please contact Jon or Leah

Leah Murray, IB Counselor

For further information on the IB program, please contact Jon or Leah


Red Ribbon Week

Red ribbon week starts on Monday October 22nd and goes until that Friday the 26th. During that week StuCo will be working with Officer Covington to offer activities that spread awareness of unsafe behaviors.

Trunk or Treat

October 23rd 5-7pm. See flyer below.

Food Drive

The canned food drive runs from October 29th to November 2nd, and there will be a canned sculpture competition on November 1st during seminar. There will be a Hunger Games themed building wide competition to see which first hour can bring in the most cans. Look out for posters around the school with more information on how to help your “district” win!

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Want to see what’s going on at SM North?

The SMN Mission’s newsmagazine website posts stories and photo of events happening around school on a weekly basis. In addition, the Mission’s editor will be posting SMSD Board of Education meeting recaps every two weeks.

Head to to check out North news. If you’d like to receive an email reminder when the site is updated (typically once or twice a week), you can sign up on the website. The sign-up is in the lower right corner of the home page right above the SMN Mission Twitter feed.

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Purchase a 2019 Yearbook

2019 Yearbooks can be purchased through the bookkeeper in the main office or at through Jan. 19, 2019. Cost is $48 if purchased at school.

If you didn't purchase your book during fee payment, the money ($48) or a check made out to SM North, can be taken to the bookkeeper by January 19. If you would like to pay with a credit card, payment can be made at Choose SM North. There is a $2 service fee if you choose to pay online.

After Jan. 19, only 65 extra overstock supply of yearbooks will be available for $65. These will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they are gone, none will be available.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Indian adviser, Becky Tate at 913-993-7012.

Clothing Exchange Looking for Volunteers

Volunteers needed to help pull off clothes, bag, and move Summer clothing and prepare Winter clothing for the Clothing Exchange. Light physical labor (standing, walking, lifting, carrying, etc.) is required. See below flyer for additional information.

Interested in purchasing a Yearbook?

If you haven’t purchased a 2019 Yearbook, they can still be purchased through the bookkeeper in the main office or at through Jan. 19, 2019. Cost is $48 if purchased at school.

The money ($48) or a check made out to SM North, can be taken to the bookkeeper by January 19. If you would like to pay with a credit card, payment can be made at Choose Shawnee Mission North. There is a $2 service fee if you choose to pay online.

Retake/Last Chance photo day is Oct. 19. Retakes cost $3 for anyone not purchasing a photo package. There is no charge for first-time photos.

Picture Retake sign up sheets are in the front office, the sign up deadline is Oct. 12 and retakes will be on Oct. 19.

If you did not order a picture package, there is a $3 retake fee that you can pay the photographer from Rolland Studios at the time of retake.

If you have yet to take a photo and are taking a photo for the first time, there is no retake charge as this is a first-time photo. You should also sign up in the office so we can send you a pass.

Passes will be emailed out to students prior to October 19.

Proofs and pre-ordered photo packages were passed out in English classes on Sept. 6 and 7. If you wish to order photos online you can do so at using the code on the photo package.

If you did not receive your proofs or photo package, please call Rolland Studios at 816-356-3844.

If you have any other questions or problems, please email or call yearbook adviser Becky Tate.

At or 913-993-7012.

Reflections Contest

Do you have budding artists at your house? Let their voices be heard! SMN PTA is hosting a Reflections Contest, and the theme this year is "Heroes Around Me"

Ask your students: What do those words mean to you? Entries can be submitted in the following categories:

Dance Choreography

Film Production


Music Composition


Visual Arts

The SM North school deadline is October 15, 2018.

Applications and rules can be found here:

If you have any questions please call or email Mrs. Tate at or 913-993-7012.

Senior Tributes

There is still time to celebrate your senior with a Senior Tribute in the 2019 Indian, SM North’s award-winning yearbook.

Seniors love to turn to the back of the yearbook and find a note from family members celebrating their upcoming graduation. They also love to see the photos you pick to go with the words of encouragement and celebration.

The first deadline has passed, but the second deadline is Oct. 16.

Senior Tribute forms can be dropped off at the SMN front office or mailed to SM North attn. Becky Tate.

If you would like to pay with a credit card and/or submit all your photos and Senior Tribute contract online, they can be uploaded and paid for at Choose Shawnee Mission North.

For those who have turned their Tributes in, thanks so much for your support of the Indian yearbook. For those who haven’t, we’d encourage you to and look forward to designing your senior’s Tribute.

Questions, please contact yearbook advisor Becky Tate at 913-993-7012 or at .

Food Service: Did You Know...

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

FOOD SERVICE….Did you know…………

Did you know that breakfast is available each day at your student’s school? Eating a nutritious breakfast helps students achieve the classroom goals set for them. National studies consistently confirm that breakfast helps kids concentrate, think, behave and learn.

Eating breakfast:

 improves children's classroom performance, including better test scores and grades

 increases children's ability to focus and concentrate on school work

 decreases behavior problems, tardiness and visits to the school nurse

 increases attendance rates

 decreases risk of food insecurity and hunger that impair development and learning

 may protect against childhood obesity

If it is difficult to fit breakfast into your morning routine, breakfast is available in all schools. A student must choose a full portion of at least three different items to receive a reimbursable school breakfast. One of the three items must be ½ cup of fruit or juice. Breakfast items include: protein, grain, fruit/juice, and milk.

Don’t forget – if your child receives free or reduced meals, they are eligible for one breakfast and one lunch per day as part of this benefit. All breakfast and lunch meal choices are available for all students regardless of eligibility status.

The school breakfast menus, lunch menus, and other nutrition information are available on the district’s website at