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January 22, 2021

Ready for all-in

The HHS Media Center has spent the week preparing for an influx of students as we return to an all-in learning model. Our amazing Service Learning students added more chairs to the tables. We are allowing two students to sit at tables. Chairs are spaced at least 1 meter apart. During busier times, students will assist with disinfecting the tables at the end of class periods.

The media center has several teaching areas, including a self-contained Instructional Space that can accommodate a full class. The Instructional Space is equipped with a PC, VPU, speakers, webcam, and dry-erase walls. Teachers can reserve the Instructional Space as a room in Google Calendar, or they can reach out to the media center to make a booking. Teachers with large class sizes are welcome to contact us about using the media center to conduct lessons in a socially-distanced environment.

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Media Center receives PTO grant for diversity books

The Media Center was grateful to receive a PTO mini grant this fall to purchase a collection of ebooks that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Nyree Wilkerson joined forces with Andrew Robitaille to apply for the grant. Over $780 was allocated towards purchasing Gale ebooks that can be read by unlimited simultaneous users on iPads, computers, smartphones, etc. The books cover some of the following topics:

  • Racism
  • Civil liberties
  • Immigration
  • Gender identity
  • Women's studies
  • Transgender rights
  • #MeToo

The books can be accessed in the Gale ebooks collection on the HHS library website:


The power of pages

Apple Pages is a powerful app on our iPads that breathes new life into the old-fashioned word processor. It is definitely worth peeking into the multimedia capabilities of Pages that takes students to new levels of creativity.

In Pages students can take advantage of the multimedia features of the iPad. They can add drawings, pictures, videos, and charts. They can also create ebooks, animated GIFs, and other multimedia files. Students can collaborate on documents and share them with their teachers who can add smart annotations to the docs. With a stylus, teachers can mark up a shared Pages document to provide feedback to a student.

This fall I hosted a PD session that showcased the features of Pages. Below you can see a tutorial video and document. Please reach out to me for ways to incorporate Pages into creative project ideas.

Apple Pages tutorial


Show YouTube videos without ads

Nothing is more embarrassing than having unwanted ads or suggested videos appear when you play a YouTube video to your students. Fortunately there is an easy solution that eliminates all advertisements and suggested videos.

When sharing a YouTube URL, simply add a hyphen between the 't' and the 'u' in the word YouTube. Voila! All ads and suggested videos disappear! Try it.

Here is a typical YouTube link (with ads):

Here's the same link with the hyphen (no ads):

Magic! For more information about this trick, view this article:


Video streaming resources

As we push an increasing amount of digital content to students, many teachers are searching for sources that offer high-quality, copyright-friendly videos. Your library media department has been gathering an impressive collection of streaming video resources.

  • Feature Films for Education - This collection offers hundreds of full-length feature films for educational instructional purposes. The collection includes many popular Hollywood films. The titles include 12 Years a Slave, The Crucible, Hidden Figures, the Diary of Anne Frank, the Martian, the Life of Pi, the Shape of Water, as well as many Shakespeare films. The username and password for accessing Feature Films can be found on the Passwords for HHS Databases document on the media center website.
  • Learn360 - This resource offers over 164,000 media resources. You can search through thousands of instructional videos on just about any topic. Learn360 also offers printables, audio files, speeches, maps, images, and interactive games. The username and password for Learn360 is the same as Feature Films.
  • Discovery Education - This resource offers hundreds of educational videos that are searchable by subject and content standard. Hudson students and staff can sign in with Google.
  • INFOhio Digital Video Collection - contains over 3,000 educational videos that are searchable by subject or keyword.
  • PBS Learning Media - Contains many high-quality educational videos and interactive lessons, searchable by subject and grade level.
  • Streaming Guidelines - Found on the media center website, this web page contains all the ins and outs of legally streaming videos in your classroom.

All of these resources can be found on the media center website. See Mr. Robitaille if you have any questions or requests.


A few good resources

Here are some quick recommendations for resources that I use all the time. Add these to your toolbox.

  1. Awesome Screenshot - a website and a Chrome extension that allows you to take screen captures and videos of your screen. You can add annotations after saving images and use them for tutorials and demonstrations.
  2. Whiteboard Chat - allows you to collaborate on a digital whiteboard. You can use this resource to sketch concepts for students who view your whiteboard in real time on their screens. Or you can invite students via a class code to join a collaborative whiteboard.
  3. Twelve alternatives to Google Images - If you are looking for pathways to have your students locate royalty-free and high quality images, you probably want to look beyond Google. This link takes you to a Google document that you can reference for great alternatives for finding images for presentations.


Did you know that you can access most of your iPad documents from any computer web browser? Simply visit and sign in with your email address. From any PC or Mac you can then access all of your iPad's Notes, Photos, Reminders, and iCloud Drive files. You can even edit Keynotes, Pages, and Numbers directly in your web browser.


Checking your library account

Teachers are able to check their library account to see what items they are currently borrowing. Here's how:

  1. Click on the iSearch icon on the main library website.
  2. Select My Account in the top-right corner.
  3. For the User ID, type your 7-digit employee ID number.
  4. For the PIN, type your birthday in MMDD format. (Use four digits. Eg., April 9 is 0409.)
  5. Select the Checkouts tab to see your current loans.


Ear protectors available for face masks

The brilliant students of the HHS Makerspace are busy producing ear protectors on our 3D printer. These flexible ear protectors can be worn on the back of your head or neck and help to pull your face mask string off of your ears. If your ears are getting sore from wearing a face mask all day, you might want to try an ear protector. Ear protectors can be purchased for $1 from the media center. Feel free to stop by the Makerspace to watch them being produced on the 3D printer.
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