Shoah.... You Mean The Holocaust?

By: Anneliese Daley and Ashley Ruiz


The Holocaust began in 1933, when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Ready for the shocking moment? 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust. 6 million of those people were Jews. Nazis took about two-thirds of Jews life in Europe. 1 million children were murdered during the Holocaust. In 1933, the Nazis took their first action by shutting down every Jewish- run businesses. After World War II Nazis started to order Jews to make the star of David so they could be easily recognized and targeted. Jews were shortly moved to large cities that were usually called the "ghettos". About 1.000 Jews every day were taken to a concentration or a death camp. To have the Jews agree to go the Nazis told them they were being transferred, but actually were going to suffer. Auschwitz is the most popular concentration camp and extermination ( death ) camp. Auschwitz killed around 1.1 million Jews were killed. " Halina Wind survived that horror and lived to tell the world of it." (McBride 279)

World War II

World War II

In 1933, Germany invaded Poland. That was the start of World War II. It was the largest armed conflict in history because it involved more countries than any other war. The Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Allies were France, Great Britain, The Soviet Union and United States. 40,000,000 and 50,000,000 deaths occurred in World War II which made it the bloodiest conflict. Germany had an efficient army which was stronger than the British. On May 10th, 1940 Germany invaded Western Europe. December 16, 1944 launch an offensive in the west which is known as Battle of the Bulge. This was an attempt to re-conquer Belgium and split allied forces along the German Border. On April 30th, 1945 Adolf Hitler committed suicide so the Germans no longer have a leader so they surrender to the western allies in 1945 and to the Soviet Union. After Europe was done, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan. On August 9th, 1945 United States drop the atomic bomb on Nagasaki . On August 14th Japan finally surrendered to and that was the end of World War II. " I wrote Sam and told him to come home, but he never did come home and I never did see him again. He joined the army and got killed in World War II, my brother Sam." ( McBride 63)
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