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TR Newsletter

Principal's News

We are winding down the second marking period and our students and staff are hard at work finalizing grades and report cards. Our students are making strides and we are thrilled to see their achievements being celebrated.

There are wonderful displays in the hallways and throughout the building. Our student and staff work is displayed and there is character, individuality, thoughtfulness, and creativity in each piece of art, writing, Filled Bucket and display case. It speaks volumes to the dedication of all of our students, and our entire staff!! I am proud of the work we are doing, and I am proud of our staff for giving everything they have, emotionally and intellectually, to our children. But more than anything else and the reason we do our jobs is because we are proud of our students and the relationships we have built over years working in Waterford Township.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I know our staff will rely on themselves and each other to grow as professionals.

We thank you the community for your support and volunteerism. It is very much appreciated and helpful.

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Foyer Display

Preschool News

It seemed as if winter would never arrive, but January has brought us cold temperatures and snow. Our preschool classes took advantage of the winter weather to learn about signs of winter, winter activities and animals in winter. We tied both literacy and math activities into our winter unit. The children also did units on animals in winter and hibernation with activities that involved songs, stories, role play, math and art.

We studied snow bringing snow into our classrooms. We enjoyed sensory experiences as some children played with real snow and others enjoyed Insta-snow. During the cold winter days we explored ice by leaving water outside to freeze, experimenting with the effect of warm and cold water on ice cubes and even discovered that salt will help ice melt.

The month of January passed quickly by and we are anxiously awaiting the prediction of the groundhog in February to see if Spring will be on its way sooner rather than later.

2nd Grade News

As you begin your walk down the second grade hall, you will pass the Super Bowl wall in which Mrs. Romsteadt and Mrs. Borelli are gathering football votes for the winning team. Who do you want to win – Broncos or Panthers?

Second graders were specialists in creating informational stories on various topics including “How To” stories. Students have been working on edpuzzle where they are reading stories and responding in written text within their Google Classrooms. Second grade students enjoy their chromebooks and love working with Spelling City, MyOn, and ST Math programs. Students are inputting words and working on activities within Spelling City as a reinforcement to word work. Reading has become an adventure because the students have the freedom to pick and choose their books in MyOn. Students are having fun exploring ST Math in school and at home.

Mrs. Romsteadt’s class has started the New Year with sharing their resolutions as a fresh beginning to 2016. Dinosaurs were alive in Ms. Kizee and Ms. Marks' classroom. Their students completed authentic learning activities in which they researched an array of information on dinosaurs and their habitats. Take a moment to view Mrs. Mc Ginnis’ students dreams as a response to learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and his legacy. Students in Mrs. Handzus and Mrs. Campanella’s class have been using activity lists in language arts and math.

The second grade has brought in the New Year with a bang working hard and presenting their work to the school. Keep up the good work!

Third Grade News

The 2nd marking period is coming to a close and we are looking forward to the beginning of the second half of the school year. We all have grown and learned so much already, we can't wait to see what is yet to come!

All Third Grade classes are finishing their unit on Native Americans. Mrs. Borman's class demonstrated their knowledge of specific tribes and how they lived by building replicas of Native American homes. They also tried their skills with designing these homes for the 3D printer! Mrs. Scotti's class is extending their learning of Native Americans by reading legends and stories. They are also doing "Day in the Life" reports.

The 3rd marking period begins our Scientific learning for the year. We will be learning about matter, phases of the moon, constellations, and our solar system. We are very excited to begin learning!

All students are currently having their reading levels reassessed. Please keep an eye out from your child's teacher for updated independent and instructional reading levels.

Enrichment News


The first two marking periods have been very busy.

Second graders are learning how to use Google tools. They loved exploring Atco using Google Maps. They also enjoy using our new reading program, MYON and the new math program, ST MATH. Our typing skills are improving and many students are now on the Typing Wall of Fame.

Third graders are improving their Google skills and learning to incorporate technology into all of their classes. We have students designing items to print on our new 3D printer and other students building websites for their Social Studies projects. Third graders are also learning technology skills that will help them on the PARCC test this spring.

All of our students participated in The Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a global movement to help build critical thinking skills through coding. (

All students can earn a free ticket to Great Adventure by reading for six hours and returning their forms to the library by February 5th.

We are looking forward to a visit from the Cat in the Hat in February and author/illustrator Lee Harper in March.

If you have any question please contact Mrs. Scola at

School-Wide News

January brought out the Master Builders at our school as our 2016 Lego Building Contest took place! This event was organized by our School Counselor, Ms. Cella, and our Library Clerk, Mrs. Seth, and it involved our entire school community.

Students were invited to make a Lego creation to enter by the deadline, and the entire student body, teachers, administrators, and support staff voted for their favorite creation.

We are very happy to report that a record 65 creations were entered. Everyone enjoyed seeing the awesome creations and we thank everyone who participated!