By: Caleb Brayboy


1. The agriculture of Mesopotamia was cry it didn't rain much. There was canals around to water the crops.

2. The water would evaporate and leave behind mineral-salts. The erosion was a problem to because the water would soak into the soil to fast. If the crops didn't grow they couldn't survive because they wouldn't have enough food to eat.

3. They would eat unleavened bread, beer, cows milk, cooked vegetable stew, fish, fruits, and nuts.

4. Civilizations would live close to bodies of water for the crops because they could grow food and have a water source.

5. You would have a canal for irrigation, then you would need a regulator to raise and lower the water levels so water could be used for the other farmers. You would need to know how much water you would need to use so you wouldn't use to much water an over water your crops.