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Hello Parents of 3M!

Happy FRIDAY! Our school year has been off to a great start! I hope your child is enjoying 3rd grade as much as I am! Our days have been filled with smiles, laughter, fun, and lots of learning! I am so lucky to have such a great group of kids! Take a look at the pictures below for some highlights into your 3rd graders past two weeks in room 208!


If possible, please send in comics from the newspaper. We will be doing a project with them next week!

Scarecrow Contest

3S will be participating in the Lizzy Haddon Scarecrow contest. The theme this year is "People in the Neighborhood". Some examples of this are a police officer, firefighter, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, teacher, postman, baker, chef, dancer, construction worker, grandparents, scouts, ball players, etc… All scarecrows will be raffled off at the Fall Fair. We haven't come up with a class theme yet but if you have any materials to donate, we would really appreciate them! Some ideas of things we could use:

  • pantyhose
  • felt
  • buttons
  • fake flowers
  • fabric
  • snack for kiddos outside


  • Spelling test is moved to Wednesday. There will be no new words this week.
  • Science project planning sheet is due 12th
  • Final science project due 20th
  • There are links on my E-board with websites to help guide your child's research
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Having fun sharing during Morning Meeting

Kindergarten Buddies!

We met with our buddies for the first time. We got to know them a little bit better by creating a book of our favorite things together. We also had the chance to read to our little buddy. Our 3rd graders were so great with the little ones! :)

Pollinating our plants with our bee sticks! Seed pods are now forming!

Having a good time acting out our new vocab words for the week



Check out our video singing the RESPECT song. (Sorry for my lack of video taping skills)
Respect song
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Comic Strips

We made comic strips on the website BitStrips to illustrate the 4 types of sentences we've learned.

Declarative-Statement .

Interrogative-Question ?

Exclamatory-Exclamations !

Imperative- Command .

Feel free to let your child use the website.They really enjoyed using this site. We have 2 weeks left in our free trial. Link is on my E-board. Class code: 3M15 password: password

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We just wrapped up our unit test on the following topics:

  • Finding Differences on the Number Grid
  • Telling time to the nearest minute
  • Calculating Elapsed Time
  • Number Model Puzzles
  • Number Patterns
  • Counting Coins
  • Comparing
  • Making Change
  • Graphing

Math Centers

Math Jeopardy ..

a fun way to help us great ready for our test

National Circus Project

Star Student, CeCe!

Star Student, Carrie!

Parent Visitation Schedule

Tuesday October 13, 2015: Day 3

8:45- 9:15 Spanish (in our classroom)

9:15-9:30 Morning Meeting

9:30-10:30 Math

10:30-11:00 Reading Workshop

Wednesday October 14, 2015: Day 4

12:45-1:15 Music (on the stage in the APR)

1:15-2:15 Writer’s Workshop (Mrs. Roussos may be leading this lesson ..to be determined. She comes in 3 days a cycle to give writing support)

2:15-3:00 Library

Some reminders:

  • Please sign in at the office and obtain a name tag upon entering the building. Someone will assist you in locating your child’s classroom.
  • Please do not plan to bring younger children into the classrooms as this is a distraction to students.
  • Please do not bring cameras, audio and/or video equipment.
  • Please do not bring food to distribute to the children
  • Please turn off your cell phone

Important Dates

10/13: Salad Bar Lunch-Please note the date change

10/13: Parent Visitation, 9 AM- 11 AM

10/14: Parent Visitation, 1 PM- 230 PM

10/15: Lizzy Eats At Zinburger Night, 4 PM-10 PM

10/16: Individual Picture Day- The date on the town calendar is incorrect.

10/16: School Store, 1150 AM-1240 PM

10/24: Fall Fair, 11 AM- 3 PM-

10/30: Halloween Parade and Class Parties, 1:45 PM