Anastasia Davydova

A Famous Olympic Synchronised Swimmer - By Jeremy O

Personal Life

Anastasia Davydova was born on the 2nd of February, 1983 in Moscow. She is 31 at this current day. She weighs 53 kilograms and is 170 centimetres tall. Anastasia went to Moscow State University for her education. Her full name is Anastasia Semyonovna Davydova.

Her teammate was Anastasia Ermakova. Davydova is a 5 time Olympic champion. She became the most awarded synchronised swimmer in the history of synchronised swimming.

The story of Anastasia Davydova becoming famous...

When she was 3, she loved a variety of sports. After her first training session doing synchronised swimming Anastasia realized synchronised swimming was the sport for her.

In 2004, with Anastasia Ermakova, she was sent to defend the honor of Russia at the Olympic Games in Athens. They won 2 medals together. At the next Olympics in Beijing it was a triumph for the girls both becoming the Olympic champions again.

At the Olympic Games in London the champions competed in the group competitions. They both won gold again and Davydova became the fifth-time owner of the gold medal.

Now Anastasia is the vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee and now trains the future competitors of synchronised swimmers.

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