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hitlers concentration camps

in 1941 During world war two Adolf Hitler believed his race was pure and the best. Anything that wasn't christian was bad according to Hitler. This means Hitler would do anything he could to make Jewish people suffer. Early concentration camps started off as Jewish ghettos over run by Nazis. Nazis would shoot and beat Jewish people all the time in these ghettos. Later concentration camps were more thought out. They had tents for the prisoners and small plywood buildings for Nazi guards. Jewish people were beat and tortured and most Jewish family's were torn apart. Jewish people were also put to extreme work. Even later camps were more thought out. They would have small brick buildings and short watch towers. They were also very well organized. Leaders added showers,pit toilets,and even semi decent food. Those camps were mostly made for torture and work. Other camps were made for medical experiments and testing of radioactive and poisonous chemicals on humans. For these camps to be active they had to have a monthly inspection. After many health code issues and the end of world war two all camps were forced to shut down in late 1945.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was one of the many Jewish children killed in concentration camps in the early 1940's. She is one of the most discussed victims of the holocaust.