The Westing Game

Brett Rix

The best part of The Westing Game is...

I think the best part of The Westing Game is when the bombs go off because everyone gets suspicous of everyone else and there is lots of action in this part.

The plot (storyline) of the story is...

The main characters are: Tabitha-Ruth (Turtle) Wexler, Sydelle Pulaski, Angela Wexler, Sandy McSouthers, and Josie-Joe (J.J.) Ford. The story takes place in the apartment building Sunset Towers. The event that is most important is the reading of the will which explains the game and gives some clues for the game.The storyline has the heirs studying their clues, spying on other heirs, stealing, bombing restraunts and other heirs, and much much more. The problem reaches it's peak when Sandy McSouthers "dies" because of a heart attack. Though when the action falls, Turtle Wexler questions everyone and finds that an heir was Sam Westing (the one who wrote the will) and that he was still living.At last, Turtle wins the game and finds out what heir is Sam Westing.
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More info. on Turtle Wexler

She (has) (a)


-is tall

-is 13

-is skinny

-golden hair

-is daring