January Reconition & More!

Team Ruby Reds

What You See....Is What You GET!

It's true. I've seen it time and time again. What you see....is what you get!

Do you see the glass half full or half empty?

Do you see an opportunity or an obstacle?

Lemons or Lemonade?

YOU CHOOSE! This business is all about what you vision, you see and what you make of it. As you all know, we had a pretty bad email hiccup last week. I'm sure you have read the letter in the lounge from Jessica, but if you haven't check it out. Very well written.

Here is the morale of the story. When this happened there were two camps:

Camp OMG the Sky Is Falling!
Camp I'm sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

How you reacted....was most likely how your customers reacted. I had a few very concerned customers and it was easy to talk them off a cliff since I was calm and collected. I heard stories of stylists who were talking with their customers about it...and before they knew it they were talking to them about becoming stylists. Was this a big technically bad glitch...yes it was. But once again, it's more about how you handle the situation.

Here's another great example.....as you've all seen...we've got several pieces from the new line that are back ordered. And some are for months. Here are the two camps:

Camp This is Crap I Can't Sell This Stuff Everything is Back Ordered
Camp How Can I Make This Exclusive

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the All Stylist Call .... log into the lounge and click here: http://lounge.stelladot.com/news/all-stylist-call-with-jessica-recording It's awesome! I love her positive ideas on the back ordered items. Here's the skinny...

1. It's part of being a fashion brand. Log onto Nordstrom or Saks and check out their best designers. Many sizes are sold out and a lot of stuff is on "pre-order" for spring.

2. SAME WITH US! We are a Fashion Brand! Take those items that are on back order...and make a few special trays of "Summer Pre-Order". It's a great way to talk to your guests...and if they don't want to wait...help them find something else.

Once again...it's all about how you react to information. I have two boys...ages 3 & 5. They are 100% reflections of my mood. If I'm happy - they're happy. If I'm crabby - they're terrible! SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE! So....we're happy around here 99% of the time. (yes...everyone deserves a crabby day every 100 days).

So get out there...and MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY! Smile, Share the Love, Compliment Someone and when you're thrown a curve ball....take a deep breath and think about how you can make it something positive!

Someone once told me....

"Tara, to be a great leader you need to set your thermostat at 70 degrees. Not too hot, not too cold...just right. And leave it there...no matter how hot or cold a situation is."

I'm thinking this might be one of the best pieces of advice I've ever received in my adult life.

You're never fully dressed without a SMILE! :)


Andrea Seeman ~ Top In Sales & Sponsoring!

Top In Sales

Congrats to all of our volume rebate earners....love that extra 5% on sales!

Andrea Seeman $7,725.00

Brigid Reisch $5,906.00

Jennifer Salmans $4,546.00

Tara Renze $3,723.00

Kristy Pauly $3,701.00

Jean Sweet $2,609.00

Ashley Jones $2,582.00

Leah Hermesch $2,448.00

Adrienne Ayala $2,445.00

Fatima Rehmatullah $2,360.00

Jody Price $2,333.00

Angela Clifton $2,330.00

Jeanette Scott Thwing $2,312.00

Top in Sponsoring ~ Way to Share the LOVE!

Andrea Seeman 3

Tara Renze 3

Catherine Powell 3

Kristy Pauly 2

Brandi Browning 2

Lisa Burns 2

Eila Greaves 2

Brigid Reisch 1

Fatima Rehmatullah 1

Jessica Ward 1

Mika Pruett 1

Anne Walton 1

Shauna Aronson 1

Stephanie Allen 1

Kimberly Holt 1

Erika Old 1

Shelly Brown 1

Welcome New Stylists ~ All 31 of you!

We're so glad to have you on Team Ruby Reds!

Charity Hadfield

Yawen Hsu-Brown

Michelle Mclarty

Carmen Posgate

Karen Sinoway

Jennifer Smith

Beth Wallace

Crystal Bain

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Tracy Withrow

Molly Ridenhour

Kimberly Lewis

Amy Harmon

Lisa Styles

Candace Argo

Mika Pruett

Marie Tate

Kathy Johnson

Janelle Staat

Abigail Hinchliffe


Ladies...this really is a dream job! I'm leaving on Thursday for my second Stella & Dot GLAM Getaway! I'm taking my Mom with me on this trip. What an amazing LIFE EXPERIENCE! This will be a trip we will NEVER forget. I'm so humbled and excited!

YOU can earn GLAM too! There is a LOT of time left! Is it easy...NO! Is it worth it...YES!

I believe in YOU. I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. You just have to want it...then work for it!

So what are you waiting for? I dare you to book another trunk show in the next hour!

Tara Renze

Director & Founding Leader
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists