McDonalds Iceland!

Borða góðan mat okkar!

Welcome to the McDonald's Iceland homepage! here you will learn everything to know about this division of the McDonald's international franchise, like what foods we serve, how we dress, what our shops look like, and how we connect with the Icelandic people. We hope that you will learn about our franchise.
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The Nautakjöt Burger Trio

1. (Left) Premium nautakjöt beef seasoned with Iceland moss, rhubarb, and seaweed. Mmmm!
2. (Top)Corned nautakjöt beef with famous McScandinavian herb extract sause.
3. (Bottom) Double nautakjöt skyr cheese melt on crisp buns.
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Höfuð Poppers

The classic Icelandic höfuð lamb head dish, served raw, with the brains intact according to tradition.
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Lambakjöt Burgers

1. (Left) Lambakjöt with added fiskur ring
2. (Right) Lambakjöt with fiskur replaced with beikon strips. (Yes, that is bacon)
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McKalkúnn With Corned Potato Cuts

The classic Kalkúnn skin dish with a potato twist.
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McSíld Túnfiskur Gleði Trio

We have saved our best dish for last! The three versions presented above display our super special McScandinavian Plosk extract fomula. Due to the secret formula, we cannot omit any info on the burger.

Dress Code

Our employees wear traditional Föt clothes, containing multiple traditional color stripes, frills, and pinna attachments. The men wear small, similar clothes, but with less color. We all wear the distinctive McDonalds pins.
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Our Versla architecture gives our locations a unique, curved look, with sloping roofs do handle our sleet and hail problems. Its like IKEA, but with more Eyjafjallajökull!