Ameena DiPersio

Period 4

A little bit about me

I am Ameena DiPersio. I'm very active and love school. Someday I would love to be come a nurse to help people in need. I'm a very loving and caring person. I do anything for anyone. That's just the type of person I am. I work extra hard when I need to, I am a hard worker. I been through a lot of hard times in my life and you will probably never expect it. No one ever does. But that's why I'm strong and I always push forward to better my life and myself as a person. I'm pretty sure you will soon hear all my stories. Trust me not all of them bad but I've had my days. But I looking at this year as a new chapter of my life. So I can stay positive for the road ahead of me and for my baby who will be here in March. So here is the beginning of a very eventful senior year! :)