The Downfall of Sighet

Sighet, Transylvania

Jew Population

About 10,000 Jews lived in Sighet of the start of the war, between the Axis Powers. All the Jews of Sighet were deported to Auschwitz from May 17-21, 1944. From the Jews being deported, from 1944 to 1947, there only remained 2,308 Jews in Sighet. In 1944, mostly all of the Jews were sent to a concentration camp Auschwitz. After the war the Jewish population decreased from 150,000 to about 90,000 after the war.

The Economics of Sighet

With Sighet`s sawmills, it became a center for the forestry business. Sighet also functions as a trade center and has nearby salt mines. Sighet was a home for the ghetto Jews in world war 2. The jews lived in a room with about 20 people to a room. They were constantly guarded by the Hungarians.

Extra Information

Elie Wisel is also known as a survivor of Sighet. When they arrived in Sighet most of the people were gassed on arrival. After the war several hundred survived and they had moved. Most of them moved to Israel or other parts of the Jewish world.