Photoshop for Fun...

...and other academic stuff that is really important.

Book Island - Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation

Photoshop is a journey through the imagination; a window to our creativity...

...but the window is locked.

You must challenge yourself to get that window open and unleash the power of your imagination. It isn't easy. There are many layers (pun intended) to PhotoShop and you must become comfortable with a basic workflow before diving into something as ambitious as the video above.

Practice is the key. There are a multitude of tutorials, both written and video, on the Adobe website, Youtube and any others sites you might find by doing a quick search online for "photoshop tutorial". In class we will be using a variety of methods to learn how to use this amazing application, but the truth is, this is not enough time. Spending some time outside of class is essential to exploring Photoshop and finding its true potential for you.

Practice What You Teach...

I've been using Photoshop for over 20 years now and I still don't consider myself an expert. In fact, the first step to becoming an expert is understanding that no one is ever an expert. There is always more to learn, especially in the world of digital media. New software is constantly being developed, updated and replaced. The strongest of these tools will survive and Adobe has established themselves as a staple in the field. It's not going anywhere. It's actually becoming a standard in more industries, including broadcast media, communications, politics, film and advertising.

Please consider purchasing the Creative Cloud Suite or the Photogrphy Bundle from Adobe (see below), whether it is on a month-to-month basis while we are working on Photoshop in class or for the enitre year. You can also download the apps listed below if you have an iPad or iPhone. These apps are great to have for the whole family and soon you'll be able to teach your family how to use them.

Of course if purchasing is not an option, the MS Digital Lab is always your best option. Sign up for time to work during Triple A, Activity Period, or speak to me about other available times.

Delve Deeper than 40 Minutes!

You can download a free trial of photoshop at home to extend your practice outside of the classroom (more than 40 mins a week?!?!?!?!). The free trial will run for a 30 days and give you access to all of the features and tools we will be using in class.

Adobe also offers an incredible discount for students at $19.99 a month for the entire line of adobe apps (The Creative Cloud) or an amazing $9.99 for all the photography apps (Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Etc...). So, you could pay month to month while we are working on it in class, or just order it for a year and indulge your senses.

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