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Webspiration Classroom

Webspiration is a brainstorming tool that allows you to organize your ideas and create diagrams in your classroom. In incorporating your own ideas and document, Webspiration is a collaborative organizer that also allows you and your students to work together to create a mindmap.


Haiku LMS

Haiku LMS lets you organize your contents and embed documents that would allow for a very efficient classroom pages. In adding resources with this software, you can share ideas with your students as well as with other teachers. By using Haiku, you can create online videos with several online resources. You can monitor online discussions, and grade assignments through one simple resource.

Introduction to Haiku LMS: See Features in Action


EdPuzzle is a very useful video tool. Teachers often want to use just a portion of a clip. Where there is a 10 minute video, you only want to use 2 or 3 minutes. Using EdPuzzle, teachers can crop down a video to what they need. EdPuzzle also allows teachers, or students when they create projects, to add their voice to narrate the video and provide their own spin to it. You can even embed quizzes at any time during to video to check for comprehension and ensure that the students are understanding what you are talking about.
Imagine K12 EDpuzzle

Word Clouds

Wordle and Tagxedo are tools that form word clouds, which is an activity that is extremely useful for vocabulary lessons. Another way these could be used are for study guides, or introductions to a lesson. Either way, word clouds provide great brief overviews or reviews for students to create. It also challenges students to come up with enough words to form a good word cloud.
What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali