Math Empowers Parents

Middletown Township Public Schools

Grades K-2 ~ 2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Math Empowers Parents, Grades K-2 is a newsletter for parents of children in Kindergarten through Second Grades. Each publication will include information on how parents can support and foster the love of math at home.

DreamBox Challenge

Let's make a New Year's resolution to love math! We will kick off 2019 with a DreamBox Challenge, where the school who demonstrates the most growth can win the district challenge banner. The contest will start January 14th and end February 14th, which is Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school. Check with your building Math Specialist for any building based details and incentives.

Why Kids Should Use Their Fingers to Count in Math Class

"Neuroscientists often debate why finger knowledge predicts math achievement, but they clearly agree on one thing: That knowledge is critical." As Brian Butterworth, a leading researcher in this area has written, "if students aren’t learning about numbers through thinking about their fingers, numbers will never have a normal representation in the brain."

Click here to learn why it is important for children to use their fingers to count when doing math.

WIM 2 Day 5

Winter Math Story Books

Winter Math Games!

Dreambox Corner

  1. Please click here to learn more about DreamBox's approach to your child's learning and "How a Little Help Can Go a Wrong Way."
  2. Having trouble logging your child on to DreamBox? Make sure you are using the correct link. This link will get you to the Middletown homepage for DreamBox and from there, you can choose the correct school.
Lisa Cashin

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Leonardo Elementary School

Catherine Woodle

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Fairview and Lincroft Elementary Schools