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April 2016

Welcome to eNews!
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It's that time of year again!

Our 4th and 5th grade GT classes will, once again, join with students all over the goble as they attempt to identify Journey North's 2016 mystery cities. Clues are updated every Friday and the grand reveal will take place on April 29. Join the fun by clicking on the link below and see how many cities you can identify.
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A Deep and Complex Look at Rainforests

Arjun and Haasini (3rd grade) recently completed an Independent Study on Rainforests using the Elements of Depth and Complexity Icons. Their walk through presentation is amazing! Be sure to check out the slide presentation included in their display. It's pretty deep and complex for 3rd graders!

Liberty GT Design Thinking Lab

All Liberty GT students have the opportunity to work in our Design Thinking Lab each week, earning badges for completing the independent learning tasks on our D Lab website. Each student must earn a minimum of 1 badge per quarter to continue participation, unless they have asked for and been granted an extention due to special circumstances. Check out some examples of recently completed work. Awesome!
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GT Cluster Classrooms

Research indicates that GT students need to be with intellectual peers for at least part of their educational experience each day. Because the thought processes of gifted students are often significantly advanced, they may feel alienated and lonely at school. Spending part their educational day with intellectual peers broadens their sense of self and strenghthens confidence in their abilities. Additionally, gifted students need to advance academically at a pace that matches their abilities. Interaction with intellectual peers gives them the challenge and support they need.

At Liberty Elementary we place all identified GT students in one grade level cluster team with highly trained GT teachers, committed to providing advanced content, process, and product opportunites for students as needed. Our GT cluster classroom model provides students with many benefits including a faster instructional pace, higher discussion level, and increased opportunites for creative and challenging work. Our goal at Liberty is to ensure that every student receives an excellent educational experience, designed to help them reach their potential. Liberty GT Cluster Classrooms are one way in which we meet the unique social, emotional, and academic needs of our identifed GT students.

Thank you for viewing our April eNews. See you in May!