Digital DNA

Digital Day Presentation

Digital DNA Presentation

This flyer is meant to show the use of Technology throughout my day. It shows all the different devices I use and how often I use them.

Smart Phone

This is a picture of me on my smart phone. I use this device a lot during the day. It allows me to stay updated with things on social media sites. I also use my phone for texting as well as calling people. My phone is the piece of technology that I most frequently use. My phone also allows me to check my Running Log and stay up to date with my favorite website Indiana Runner.

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This is a picture of me sitting in front of my television watching my favorite show "24". I love watching television because it allows me to relax after a long day of school. I have a pretty busy schedule right now with cross country and school. Often times I am not able to watch television so it is very relaxing when I do. Typically I watch television more than I use social media sites. Watching T.V. is definitely one of my favorite things to do.

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This is a picture of me on my home computer. In this picture I am surfing the internet. I am on my favorite website which is called Indiana Runner. I spend a lot of time on Indiana Runner. It is the only website that constantly covers Indiana high school track and cross country. I use my home computer for a lot of things such as listening to music and watching videos on Youtube.

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This is picture of me listening to music on my IPod. I use my IPod almost every day at school. When I listen to my IPod it allows me to escape from the stress of daily life. My IPod is nice because it allows me to listen to my music. It is completely customized to my musical tastes. It is also nice because I can use my IPod to watch videos and surf the internet. The IPod has so many features that I use constantly during my digital life.

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This is a picture of me on my laptop doing homework. I purchased my laptop at the beginning of this school year because it was required. Although I was reluctant to purchase a laptop at first I now realize the value of having one. I can use it to surf the web and also complete homework assignments. My laptop enables me to access the internet anywhere that there is wi-fi. It is one of the most important pieces of technology that I own.

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This is a picture of me on my home computer surfing the internet. I would guess that I spend about 10 hours a week on the internet. A majority of those 10 hours are spent updating my running log on Running2Win. Running2Win is an online running log that I use to keep track of my weekly and monthly mileage. I would be completely lost without it because it allows me maximize what I get from my training. I can log workouts, maintenance runs and races on my online running log. This is just one of the few things I use on the internet. We must ask the question "Is the Web Driving Us Mad?"(Dokoupil 1)

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Fantasy Football

This a picture of me on my fantasy football application on my Smart Phone. During the fall I constantly am checking my fantasy football roster because I am in four fantasy football leagues. Fantasy football is basically a hypothetical football league based on the week to week performances of players. It is almost completely online. The fantasy football application on my phone is incredibly helpful because I don't always have time to be on my computer. With the fantasy football application I can access my roster almost anywhere.

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This is a picture of me texting on my cell phone. I spend a lot of time texting on my phone. It is one of my primary ways to communicate with my friends. I would estimate that I send about 2000 texts a month. I probably spend about 12 hours a week texting. The first thing I do every morning is check my phone to see if I got any texts.

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GPS Watch

Every run for me has one thing in common. I always wear my GPS watch. I purchased it my sophomore year and it has been with me every run since. It allows me to see exactly how far I have run and what route I traveled. I can just plug it in to my computer and it uploads everything on to my online running log. It helps me keep track of mileage. My GPS watch also helps me keep track of the pace that I am running.

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Car Stereo

This is a picture of my car stereo system. It is a Sony stereo system that allows me to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio. It also has an IPod jack that allows me to listen to my IPod through my car stereo system. I purchased my stereo system last year after Christmas. I would say I probably use my stereo system about 6 hours a week. It is one of my favorite pieces of technology and I use it a lot.

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