Technology Center

Reservation Process


The Technology Center has four training rooms available for reservation. Each room is equipped with thirty touch screen desktop computers, a podium with a laptop and document camera, Apple TV and a Promethean Panel for presentation use. Each room holds thirty people individually or you may reserve two rooms to support sixty people or all four rooms which will house one hundred twenty people.

Step One

From your Chrome Browser, login to your CLASSLINK Portal

Your login will be the credentials that you use to log into your computer each morning.

Step Two

Click Eduphoria

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Step Three

If the portal doesn't automatically log you into Eduphoria use the same username and password that you used to login to the Classlink portal

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Step four

Click on Facilities&Events
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Step five

Under myReservations you will click:

  • Make A Reservation
  • Scroll down the list and select Technology Center
  • Click the number of rooms you would like (30 people per room) and click next
  • Enter your date and times and click next
  • Select the Rooms that are available and click next
  • Enter all the Request Details and click next
  • Confirm your Reservation and click finish.

Step six

Confirm and Finish your reservation.
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Once you've entered your reservation, I will receive the request and approve. Also if your reservation is for after 5pm or on weekends you will need to enter the reservation in SchoolDude and make sure you select to notify Security to set the building alarm after your session is over. If you are needing assistance, you may call me at extension 73210.

If Cancellation is needed

When cancelling our reservation not only will you cancel under Workshops for your session but also under the Facilities&Events in Eduphoria. In addition, please email Stephanie Moreno to notify her of the cancellation the morning before your scheduled reservation.