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Love...or something like it.

My nephew Jven and I (pictured right) have quite the tumultuous relationship. Like most caring aunts, or role models for that matter, I waver somewhere between wanting him to grow up, take responsibility and move on with his life (in his case, highschool); and looking at him grow taller than me as the days pass, reminiscing about his first car seat. I think the feeling is mutual. He loves me every 3rd Thursday (or when I have food), and spends the other days doing his best to avoid me in a middle school that isn't really that big. The reality is; parenting, is ANY capacity, is hard work. Fluctuating emotions aside, its the single greatest job that any of us are blessed to have.

And so, operating in the spirit of perpetual parenthood, we as educators take this thing very seriously. As we start our second semester, we are continuing to work with our students on building vocabulary and reading fluency and comprehension. Be on the lookout for more opportunities to help your child build their word fluency, as I will be hosting a series of small workshops, all leading up to the big test day. Additionally, if you haven't done so, sign up for Parent Portal for up-to-date grades from your student. As with all relationships, tumultuous or otherwise, communication is the key.

Also, check out our new initiative "Days With Dad," hosted every 3rd Wednesday here at DMS. This is an opportunity to get our dads and male role models alike involved in the educational process of all of our DMS students. Awesome stuff.

That's it for this month! Let's continue to love our students and build those relationships. Good ones after all, are the key to academic success. Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you are still trying to settle on a good New Year's resolution, becoming a parent volunteer is a great one. Just throwing that out there... :-)

Hearts abound,

Lakeisha Washington, Parent Involvement


Come join us for our PTO on Tuesday, February 9th at 6:00 p.m. Entertainment will be provided by the DMS Chorus, and there will also be tips and resources available concerning GA Milestones Testing. ALL STUDENTS WHO HAVE PARENTS ATTEND WILL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAWING FOR FREE SNACK SHACK PASSES!

Black History Program

Dublin Middle School will host its Black History Program, Thursday, February 25th at 9:00 a.m. All parents are invited to attend.

DMS Hosts "DMS Afterschool"

In an effort to increase academic achievement, DMS is offering afterschool tutoring in all content areas. This program is free, all students are eligible to attend and transportation home is provided. The subject days are as follows:

Monday: English/ELA

Tuesday: Math

Wednesday: Science

Thursday: Social Studies

Contact Mrs. King for more details.

DMS "Days With Dad"

Wednesday, February 17; all day!

While you're here, check out this week's "D.A.B." (Dads Are Brilliant) Workshop:

Vocabulary Flash Card Make and Take

DMS Media Center; 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

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