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March 13


LSTC and Media Specialist Perception Surveys

Teachers - Please take a few minutes to complete these surveys. The URL and ID codes were placed in your mailboxes. These surveys are a part of their evaluation system. Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback.

Data Talks

We will hold Data Talks on Tuesday, March 17th during planning. Please meet in the Data Room and bring your laptop.

Spring Party Schedule

Friday, May 15

1:00 - 2:00 2nd Grade

Monday, May 18

5th Grade Celebrations and Parties (Schedule will be coming.)

Tuesday, May 19

10:00 - 11:00 1st Grade

1:00 - 2:00 4th Grade

Wednesday, May 20

10:00 - 11:00 Kindergarten

1:00 - 2:00 3rd Grade

Students will eat in their classrooms on Monday, May 18 due to 5th grade celebrations. Students will eat in the cafeteria May 19 - 21.

Cluster Language Arts Staff Development

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Tuesday, March 17th

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, you may wear jeans if you wear something green. The first ten people who email Carrie what you do if someone is not wearing green will get a treat in their mailbox.

March 16-Grades Finalized by 9 pm

March 17-Verify grades via file sent in email

March 18-Make any changes to gradebook by 9pm

March 19-Report cards printed

March 20 Report Cards go home


Early Release

Please don't forget to enter your conference data. I need to report this data to the ISC by next week.

Grades 3, 4, 5

If you haven't returned your data regarding students that may be eligible for summer school, please do so immediately.

Summer School

More information is coming soon.


Need some ideas for differentiation?

Differentiation of instruction does not have to be a time

consuming task. At the beginning of class, give your

students a five‐question assessment that will provide

you with immediate data to drive instruction. As students

hand in their papers to you, quickly grade each

and immediately hand a colored index card to each student.

Give the index card based on their performance:

students with 0‐1 correct receive one color, 2‐3 correct

receive another color, and 4‐5 correct receive a third

color. Students work with others with the same color

index card. For the advanced group, provide an extension

for them to complete. The on‐level group corrects

errors and explains reasoning. You provide direct instruction

to remediate the third group. Alternatively,

the colors could each represent a different concept the

students need clarified. For example, students who

have difficulty with main idea receive a blue card, and

those who struggle with inferences receive a pink card.

A yellow card may point toward difficulty with citing

evidence in the text. Activities would then focus on a

single skill based on the students’ needs.

Website of the Week

Use this free web site to create flashcards for teacher or individual student use. There is also a link to "Study Flashcards" that are already ready to go. There are literally HUNDREDS of ready to go flashcard packets: presidents, addition, grammar, and more.

If you are creating your own, you can add images, video, or audio. Study flashcards online or share with others in created study groups. Use flashcards to learn new information (question and answer are side by side,) study (shows the question and then the answer,) or quiz themselves by entering answers. Create a game with the flashcards by using a timer and score board on the site. Share flashcard sets with others by sending a URL address or create study groups to share. View public flashcards created by others by using their search feature. This site does use advertising

This is a great way for teachers to create study cards and have students practice at home or at school using their own device in an interactive fun activity!


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Kelly Harford - 3/15