October Newsletter

Jennifer Roets

Holiday Selling Season

Our holiday selling season is in full swing! October was a great month, so I'm very excited to see what November brings. I know I've been sending you some different emails in the past few weeks about additional trainings, selling ideas and such. Sometimes I just get too excited to wait to share them!

I was hoping to do a sort of blog or online forum where I can post things like that for us to view and go back to easily if we'd like. Also a place where I can upload documents that we can all share. I can't wait until I get this all put together!

In the meantime, here are some documents from TOT that can help you with gift ideas and even a wish list individuals can fill out and then have you contact individuals to fulfill that wish list. I love this idea! You can use these documents to help put together solution sets and sell them as such at your parties.
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Success Camp Training

There are some other Directors out there that put together a training that will help those interested in leadership get ready to build their teams. It's all about YOU! We'll utilize great trainings already from TOT, an accountability partner will help you along the way and I will be there to guide you as well. Yes, it will be a bit of an extra time commitment for you, but you will reap great rewards!

I was thinking about starting it in January. . . a new year to try new things! So, please let me know ASAP if you are possibly interested in participating. I will put more details together about the specifics of what is expected from you, but at least would like to know who might want to do it now. Exciting stuff!

Office Depot/Max Discount

Did you know that we get a business discount at Office Depot/Office Max? Thirty-One has set up a program for Thirty-One! I recently took advantage of the discount and had December Customer Special fliers printed out and shipped to me for FREE through the website. They ended up being only $0.20 each and were delivered within a few days!

On a side note, in regards to the December fliers, for those on the auto-ship, they'll be coming later this month because Thirty-One changed up the December special to make it even better for us! Thus, you may need to print them at home or elsewhere if you need some for hostess packets now (which I did).

Definitely sign up for the program here, which includes online shopping and a discount card you can print out and use in the store. Check it out!

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I'm excited to announce that 2 people from our team won in the "31 Days of Cash" Party Challenge. I'd like to give a big congrats to Danielle Frederick!!!! I was also one of the lucky ones. . .all I have to say is THANK YOU Thirty-One!

Spring Product Premiere

I'm SUPER excited about the upcoming Spring Product Premiere this weekend! There are going to be SO many exciting things happening in 2015 that will only help us work our business even MORE!

For those that aren't able to make it, make sure to check TOT on Monday 11/17 for all the announcements.

Team News


Congrats to these ladies for working their business within the first few months of joining. . . AWESOME!

GayNell Vande Berg - Earned Levels 1 & 2, also earning the $99 rebate for the "Fall for Us" Incentive!

Gwyn Leu - Earned Levels 1 & 2, also earning the $99 rebate for the "Fall for Us" Incentive!

Reaven Mason - Earned Level 1!


Awesome October ladies! Amongst our team we had a total of 32 parties. . . 32!!! The more you party, the more parties you book and build momentum to keep booking in the future. SO exciting!!!

$2000 Club

Danielle Frederick $2,348

Amy Guell $2,250

$1000 Club

Melissa Derksen $1,512

GayNell Vande Berg $1,216

Gwyn Leu $1,212

$500 Club

Raeven Mason $645

Samantha Coleman $584

Jennifer's Stats

Personal Volume $6000
Parties 8

Party Average $750

Team Stats
Total Team Sales $18,659

Total Parties 32

Party Average $583

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