Rapid Land Changes

Reagan martinez

A flood

A flood is a bunch of water that covers land.A flood is cuased when it rains a bunch some times rivers,lake's and pond's get to much water in them and the water comes owt. When a flood happen's some people go to higher land some try to swim to swim to safe places others drown.It changes the land cause water covers every thing and some plaints might not live with all the rain.Flood's are dangres and cool.

Earth Quake

A earth quake is when the ground shakes.They are cuased when the crust of the earth begens to shake and move. Dering a earth quake building's fall and people get scared. It changes the land buy making tree's,hose's and ,bushe's fall.Earth Quakes are very cool.

Wild Fire

Fires can be cuased when people don't put out thair camp fire.During a fire trees, bushes, and grass get burned and animals lose their home.After a fire fresh soil comes and plaints and animals come back.Fires are dangers but fires bring fresh soil for plaint's and animals and trees.Fires are very cool.