MIDI Designer Lite

Pro Enough for the Dress Rehearsal

Should I buy MIDI Designer Pro?

MIDI Designer Lite has a Lite Bar (see below).

Remove the Lite Bar by unlocking Lite for either iPhone or iPad via in-app-purchases.

MIDI Designer Pro has NO Lite bar and runs on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Once unlocked, Lite is functionally identical to Pro.

The Lite Difference: One Lite Bar

MIDI Designer Lite does everything Pro can do. Dream, create and play the perfect MIDI controller with MIDI Designer Lite.

The only difference is the Lite Bar:

  • Slide the bar up and down to get it out of the way.
  • No bar in design mode, ever.
  • Unlock MIDI Designer Lite to remove the bar. The Lite Bar is the difference.

The Lite Bar in Performance Mode

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The bar has been made much shorter for 1.6. Here's a user working with the bar and a detailed layout for the Yamaha NSX-1.
eVY1シールドとiPadで無料で試せる歌うキーボード レイアウトファイル公開 / eVY1 Shield - MIDI DESIGNER layout

No Lite Bar in Design Mode

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MIDI Designer by Confusionists LLC

MIDI Designer is the best-selling MIDI Controller for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Available in a limited Lite version for free and an unlocked Pro version for $18.99.

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