Human Traffic & Sexual Exploitation

Human Traffic

It is called human trafficking the clandestine and illegal trade in people with general reasons for labor exploitation and slavery.

It is estimated that over 120 countries are trafficked human daily, and they fail to produce a profit of 13 billion dollars annually in the world.

The mafias traffickers and smugglers in the last decade led to 35 thousand people a year to Europe from poor countries in Latin America and Africa. Trafficked persons are available to those for whom they are purchased and are generally given use of slaves, the money rolling in agricultural work, construction, mining, manufacturing and export objects prostitution.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is an illegal activity by which a person (mostly women or minor) is subjected to violent sexual activities without their consent, by a third party which receives financial remuneration. This offense is in force today in all corners of the world thus promoting trafficking in persons, mainly women, in which criminal networks kidnap girls and exploit them until they are sexually attractive.

NGOs fighting to defend the rights of these women treated as objects and suffer physically and mentally this kind of torture. However, it is estimated that over 2,000,000 women and girls are sexually exploited worldwide.