Edgar Allan Poe biography

Griffin Meador

Edgars Early Life

Edgar Allen Poe Was born on January 19th,1809 in Boston,Massachusetts. His parents were both actors but when Poe was at the age of 3 years old his mom died and his dad left him. John and Frances Allen raised him as foster in Richmond,Virginia.

Edgar's Education

Edgar's foster parents sent Poe to one of the best boarding schools and the later went to the University of Virginia where Poe excelled academically. But Poe was forced to leave UVA (university of Virginia) because he was not paying his gambling bills.

Edgar's Life Experiances

After leaving the University Poe briefly moved back to Richmond,Virginia but his relationship with the Allans deteriorated. In 1827 Poe moved back to Boston and enlisted into the United States Army.

Poe's poems

His first collection of poems were Tamerlane and other poems. In 1829 he published a second collection called Al Aaraaf,Tamerlane and minor poems. None of these poems created big public attention. His most famous poems are "The Fall of The House of Usher","The Tell Tale Heart"," The Murders In The Rue Morgue" and "The Raven

Edgars Death

In 1849 Poe set out for an editing job in Phildelphila. For unknown reasons Poe stoped in Baltimore,Maryland, on October 3,1849,he was found semi-conscious. Poe died 4 days later of congestion of the brain. Poe grave is in Baltimore,Maryland where he died
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