The One and Only Ivan

By: Katherine Applegate

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The book takes place in a mall where Ivan lives.

Main character

Ivan is the main character in the book.

Other characters

The other characters are Ruby, Stella, Bob, Julia, and Mack.

Characters I like

I like all the characters except Mack.


He was cared as a baby by a man named Mack. Ivan went through a lot his childhood whenever his parents were shot by some humans in the jungle. Mack took Ivan to a mall when he got older so he could make a lot of money. He also had a elephant named Stella who was very nice to Ivan. They were best friends and one day a new elephant came in named Ruby. Ruby was born and raised in a circus where she was treated very badly. Stella and Ruby would sleep with each other every night.


One day Stella's foot got really infected and she wanted to tell Ivan something. Stella told Ivan '' You need to take Ruby somewhere where she will be loved as an animal'' Ivan promised her. The next morning Ivan found out that Stella died during the night. Ruby would ask '' Where is Aunt Stella?'' and " Where did Aunt Stella go?''. One day, Mack turned on the T.V. for Ivan. A commercial came on about the zoo and Ivan thought to himself '' Somewhere to be loved" so Ivan started painting something on a piece of paper. It was a picture of the front entrance to the zoo and at the top it said " HOME".


The next morning Mack came in and noticed the picture Ivan had drawn. Mack said " This is your home buddy, why would you wanna leave?". A girl named Julia came running in and saw the picture Mack had in his hand and asked " Who drew that?". Mack said that Ivan did and she asked if she could see it. So Mack gave her the picture and she took it home with her. The next morning Julia showed the picture to her dad. Her dad worked for Mack. So the next morning a reporter came in and watched everything they did. The next day, it was all over the news. It showed Ivan, Ruby, and the Claw stick. The Claw stick was a big stick with a very sharp end on it. People started to protest. So Mack was forced to shut down the mall. People from the Zoo came to get Ivan and Ruby. So at the end everyone was not treated badly anymore and Ivan and Ruby lived in the Zoo, where they were loved.
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