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January 14, 2019

Honor Roll/Attendance News

Honor Roll

The SMS Honor Roll has been published and sent to the local paper. Congratulations to all of the students that qualified for the recognition. At SMS, the Honor Roll is determined by Grade Point Average (GPA). This is the same system that colleges and universities use. Each semester grade on a report card has a numerical value. An A+ is 4.0, A is 4.0, A- is 3.7,. B+ is 3.3, B is 3.0, etc. The full value chart is in the student handbook.

To determine your GPA, convert all of your semester grades to points. Total them, divide by the number of grades, and you've found your grade point average! Students with a 4.0 are on the GOLD Honor Roll. Students from 3.5 to 3.99 are on the SILVER Honor Roll. Students with 3.0 to 3.49 are on the BRONZE Honor Roll.

Congratulations to all students that qualified for the academic recognition this semester.

Honor Roll Data:

6th Grade = 124 total (26 g, 54 s, 44 b)

7th Grade = 112 total (20 g, 50 s, 42 b)

8th Grade = 81 total (13 g, 41 s, 22 b)


The SMS semester 1 attendance rate was 96.05%. We hope to keep our rate at 96% or above. We can all help with this rate by attending school every day possible. If you feel cruddy, show up with headaches and coughs and stay home from school with fever or vomiting!

Congrats to the students that had Perfect Attendance first semester!

Perfect Attendance Data:

6th Grade = 36

7th Grade = 33

8th Grade = 25

Speak Up Mobile Learning Survey

All SMS students will be asked to take the 2019 Speak Up Mobile Learning Survey from Traditionally, SMS students take a full survey but this year we'll be taking the Mobile Learning Snapshot (15 questions) to provide us feedback about our digital program. The survey is anonymous and will be taken in homeroom on Wednesday. We'll share results when they become available this spring!

Climate Survey Executive Summary #1

More complete results from our December 2018 SMS Climate Survey are being made available in a series of Executive Summaries that can be accessed on the school web site and HERE. The first summary includes our safety data and features the graphic below. Summary number two will be available next week.
Big picture

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Next Week

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, January 21st. It is a national observance of the life and legacy of the famous civil rights leader. Many government agencies and banks will be closed next Monday but SCSD2 will be in session. Students will learn about King in classes that day.

This Week...

Mon. Jan. 14: B day, Bot Warriors, Yearbook, 7/8 BB v. Brownstown

Tue. Jan. 15: A day, Science Olympiad, Archery, Winterguard, 7/8 BB @ Silver Creek

Wed. Jan. 16: B day, Cross, Speak Up Survey, 6 BB v. Highland Hills, 6 GB @ Austin, 7/8 GB v. Austin

Thu. Jan. 17: A day, Archery, Science Olympiad, Winterguard, FACS (A & B), Wresting @ Highland Hills, 6 BB @ East Washington, 7/8 BB v. Scribner

Fri. Jan. 18: B day

Sat. Jan. 19: Bot Warrior VEX Competition, 7/8 GB & 7/8 BB @ MSC Tourney, Wrestling @ New Washington