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December 2015

This month's Liberty GT eNews showcases recent Independent Study, PSP, and Design Thinking Lab projects. Hopefully, the video links will play directly on your device. If not, you may have to download them first. Enjoy!

Independent Study

Liberty GT Advanced Independent Study is an opportunity for highly gifted students to explore advanced content, process, and product in areas of strong interest or passion.

Special thanks to...

Dr. Lobprise and the staff at Main Street Vetinary Hospital in Flower Mound, TX for their help and guidance with the following project.

Special thanks to ...

Whitney Ortmeier, ECO Designs, for supplying design boards and samples of work for the following project.

Special thanks to ...

Dr. Walter Roberts, University of North Texas, for information and guidance with the following project.

LISD Performance Standards Projects

GT Performance Standards Projects (PSP) are advanced PBL units designed to develop sophisticated products in areas of interest beyond the core curriculum. Grade 4 began their Communications study with a look at hieroglyphs. Great care was taken as they "chiseled" their bios into "stone" in an ancient language.

Design Thinking Lab

The Liberty GT Design Thinking Lab, or D Lab, develops independent learning, design thinking skills, and LISD GT Capacities through a wide range of advanced challenges.

Thank you for viewing our work!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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