Kashiya Smith

Nice, Smart, Athletic and Caring

She is a Dedicated and Loving Person

She is dedicated to softball since her first game and to her family thing about her Aunt Mary that gave her advice that she lives to now. Also, that her and her mom are most alike they both really care about people.

She is Very Caring And Intelligent

she said the most important lesson she learned in school was about the holocaust because she got to learn about thing she didn't know happened and how it changed the world. I learned that she see thing very deeply and I wouldn't known that until now. And she cares about so many people friends, teammates, family, and more.

Fun Facts


Kashiya is very friendly

I didn't talk to her before this assignment and I was surprised how friendly and talkative she was. she said she likes to do softball and it reflects her personality because she isn't afraid of the ball when is coming toward her and is kind of like life not being afraid with the things life challenges you. I thought that was very intelligent answer.