Dear K-5 families,

Good Afternoon,

This week's update includes:

  • End of the year Celebration/Picnic
  • Last Day of School
  • Summer School Registration
  • Distance Learning Bingo Card
  • Summer Learning Calendar
  • The importance of being the guide on the side

End of the year Picnic/Celebration - June 8th 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Northwoods Park, North Branch

June 8th, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

We are so excited to celebrate the end of the school year with our DLA family! What a year it has been! We will provide lunch and some games! Please bring a blanket to sit on for our picnic lunch. It looks like it will be hot! Please bring extra water for your family, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing if we can get some sprinklers going for the kids. If you have any questions about this, please contact your child's teacher.

We ordered a few extra lunches for families that were not able to register. All are welcome.

Monday, June 14th Last day of school

The last day for our students is Monday, June 14th. I will be communicating next week in a separate email the process for returning NBAPS technology over the school year. Please continue to work on your assignments.

Summer School Registration for current k-4 students

The link below has all of the information regarding our summer programming for students existing Kindergarten through Fourth grade.

All are welcome - Please register

Elementary Summer School

Click the button above and complete the registration

Summer School Registration for 5th grade students

The link below has all of the information regarding our summer programming for students entering the middle school.

All are welcome - Please register

Middle School Summer School

Click the button above and complete the registration

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Distance Learning Bingo

Click the link above which will bring you to tons of additional activities to do with your children.

Last In-Person Site Support with your teacher - Sign up

Click the link above to sign up for in-person support. This is the last in-person signup for the school year

Summer Learning Calendar

We strongly encourage all students and families to participate in the summer learning calendar

Being the Guide on the Side and FINISH STRONG

Now that you are all veterans to distance learning, you realize the importance of being the guide on the side for our young students. Depending on the rigor of the task and or learning presented in front of them, completing the task may be very challenging without prompting and support.

Even us adults need prompting and support when completing a task that is more challenging or when there is a task that is not necessarily fun to do, but we have to do it because as adults it is our responsibility. Our students are the same.

So here are some helpful takeaways:

  1. Be present in the morning and review with your child their schedule for the day.
  2. Be present as they get logged in to Calvert and start their daily learning.
  3. Make sure your child understands the directions and can complete the necessary tasks. This is when you may have to provide more or less prompting depending on your child's understanding.
  4. Make sure your child knows how to contact their teacher.
  5. Make sure you know how to sign up for In-Person support when you do not know or can not provide the prompting and support your child needs.
  6. Be present in the evening to ask specific questions regarding the activities the students went through to check for understanding.


Have a wonderful weekend and remember no school on Monday,

David S Treichel