Daisy Buchanan

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Daisy Fay Dating Jay Gatz

Daisy Fay Marries Tom Buchanan


Just last night, in a large, extravagant ceremony filled with New York's elite, Daisy Fay and Tom Buchanan were wedded under the moonlight. Some estimate the cost of the wedding to be upwards of half a million dollars, as the couple spared no expense in making sure that they and their guests were more than comfortable throughout the night. There were some reports that the two were considering a trip to Europe for their honeymoon, and there are now rumors circulating that the power couple are planning on having a child in the near future.

Daisy and Tom Buchanan Spotted on Honeymoon in Europe

Daisy Buchanan Moves to East Egg With Her Husband


Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom, the famous New York star couple, completed their move to East Egg on Long Island this week. The two now claim an extravagant mansion as their own, comfortably situated on the Long Island Sound. The move to East Egg rather than West Egg is quite appropriate for the newlyweds, as they have long claimed their fortunes. It is said, amongst reliable sources, that West Egg is home to the newly rich and wealthy.

Daisy and Tom Buchanan Welcome Pammy to East Egg