Stella & Dot February

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Brighten Your Life Training

Ok girls, who doesn't love a fun road trip? It's time that we have fun together and move our businesses forward, plus get a chance to meet Jessica Herrin, Anita Krapata or Danielle Redner! I truly believe that going to one of these Trainings will be amazing for you and your business. Meeting with the home office team is one of my favorite parts of this business and you will truly get why being a Stella & Dot Stylist is so fabulous and how to make the most of your business! No matter where you are in your business, make an effort to get to one of these Trainings. I think it is so important that I will go to Richmond and Atlanta, just to support you!


Ready to rapidly triple your income and 10x your fun with Stella & Dot? Then don’t miss this game changing business and style training coming to a city near you! Learn the top tips on how to go from zero to hero in the basics of building a flexible, consistent and lucrative business. All Stylists can join our Founder & CEO, Jessica Herrin & VP of Field Development, Anita Krpata or VP of Development Danielle Redner & Leadership Development Director April Price for this exclusive event. Get tips on the high value activities that grow your business and maximize your earnings, as well as life coaching on time mastery and creating more happiness in your life. Grab your Stylist friends and hop into a car or a plane to attend the regional events closest to you! You won’t want to miss the key insights, gorgeous giveaways and product sneak peeks!

Pre-register NOW to scoop up some serious swag! Just for attending, you’ll receive a coupon for a FREE pouf ($24 value) with your next order! Want to upgrade that swag 4x? Sell $1,000 in retail (in the month of your training) and you’ll receive a free Classic Bag instead…a $98 value!

Brighten Your Life Training

Meet Jessica Herrin & Anita Krapata

February 26th, Richmond, Virginia


Brighten Your Life Training

Meet Danielle Redner

March 24th, Atlanta, Georgia

1:30pm- 4:30pm

Florida and Pennsylvania Girls, I can't make it to your events but you should go! If you do...a special gift from me!

February 24th-Miami- with Jessica Herrin

March 24th- Philadelphia-with Jessica Herrin

I promise we will have fun, and I promise we won't all cram into a bug to get there!

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February Incentive- Win a Getaway!

Want this bag for our road trip, trunk shows, and all your spring and summer travel plans? Here is how to earn it!

For every $1000 you sell in the month of February your name will be entered into a drawing one time. You must hold 2 qualified trunk shows. Bonus, sponsor a new stylist and your name gets an extra entry! So get yourself booking today! Set aside one hour tonight or this weekend and reach out to 25'll book a show for sure!

P.s. You can pick whichever Getaway Pattern you'd like!

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