PTO Update for HRE Staff

March 2016 Board Meeting

President's Update

Approval of February Minutes

Update on Superintendent's Meeting with PTO's

  • 1:1 Discussion
  • School Calendar Discussion

Upcoming PTO Dates

  • Kindergarten Round-up, April 14th
  • Book Fair, Week of April 18th (Morning with Mom on 4/19 & 4/20)
  • Literacy Night, April 21st
  • Flower Delivery, April 27th
  • Staff Appreciation, Week of May 2nd
  • General PTO Meeting, May 18th
  • Walk-a-thon, May 20th (Potentially 5/24)
  • Volunteer Breakfast, May 23rd

Vice President, Committee Updates

Dine to Donate

  • Still waiting on a check from RAM
  • April 13th @ City Barbecue and Grater's
  • Finalizing May events

Movie Night

  • Went issues
  • May movie night will be right after school

Field Day

  • Will look the same as last year
  • Kona Ice will be supplying treats
  • Discussed needed supplies

Rocket Rewards

  • Box Tops: $1184 for the spring contest
  • Total was $3384 for the year...down $900 from last year
  • Look at adjusting budget for next year
  • Discussion about retooling program for next year

Mornings with Moms

  • Forms went out...due before spring break
  • 500+ RSVP's so far
  • Volunteer call-out before spring break


  • Discussed Shoe recycling program
  • Discussed Marker recycling program

Staff appreciation

  • Olympic theme this year
  • Week of May 2nd

School Supply Kit

  • Finalized orders for 2016-2017 school year

Rocket Challenge Walk-a-thon

  • Reduce the size of the send home packet
  • Discussed the potential change in date
  • Discussed send home date...looking at May

Book Fair

  • Discussed Logistics
  • Discussed providing food vendors during Literacy Night
  • Literacy Night Hours...5:30 to 7:30

Treasurer's Report

Cash balance

  • Cash balance was reviewed

Other items...

  • No other items at this time

Principal's Report

Wall Projects

  • Discussed logistics on Traversing and Lego Walls
  • Both projects will be completed at no cost to HRE or the HRE PTO!

Outdoor Sculpture

  • Discussed possibilities of adding an outdoor sculpture on campus

Old Business

Flower Sales

  • Send Skylert email to families...Mention Deadline of March 25th
  • Not many orders right now...need 300 pieces

Co-chairs for 2016-2017

  • Discussed vacant positions still available

Board Call out for 2016-2017

  • Added to Rocket Fuel...have received some interest

New Business

Kona Ice
  • Sponsoring the HRE Lego Wall...$1000
  • Will be here on March 31st for Spring Party Day...students pay
  • Will be here on Field Day...FREE Kona Ice for every HRE student

Recreation Insites

  • Reached out to HRE (HRE parent)
  • Will will meet with them to discuss possibilities