Explorers Needed!!!

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I am Vasco Nunez De Balboa

Why I started to explore???

I started to explore because i was the governor and we needed money to stay wealthy.

What I do as an explorer

I am strong enough to have the courage to climb mountains sail the Pacific Ocean to earn and find money to help the people I love.

I am brave and strong but also care about my family and friends

What conflicts took place

Pedrarias' enemies had convinced King Ferdinand to send a replacement of him from Spain and order a judicial inquiry into conduct as leader of Darien because they Pedro Arias Davila thought that what Vasco did was a threat

When i started to explore

In 1513, Vasco Nunez De Balboa led the first European expedition to the Pacific Ocean, but the news of the discovery arrived after the king had sent Pedro Arias de Ávila to serve as the new governor of Darién.